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Selected Articles:

Focus on the RAND Report & Federal Court ADR
bulletAn Evaluation of Mediation & Early Neutral Evaluation Under the Civil Justice Reform Act: A Summary by James Kakalik, et. al.

bulletPuzzling Over ADR: Drawing Meaning from the Rand Report by Deborah Hensler

bulletRAND Report Points Way to Next Generation of ADR Research by Craig McEwen & Elizabeth Plapinger

bulletBeyond Efficiency: A Bevy of ADR Justificaitons by Francis McGovern

bulletInsights On Participant Satisfaction May Be Real Significance of Rand Report by Pamela Chapman Enslen

bulletADR Does Not Save Time or Money? Great News! by Jefferey Kichaven

bulletFive Years of Random Testing Shows Early ADR Successful by Kent Snapp

bulletRand Report Provides Insights for State Court ADR Programs by Diane Kenty

bulletThe Growing Debate Over 'Consumerized' Arbitration: Adding Cole to the Fire by Thomas Stipanowich

bulletCole Decision Shows Need for National Due Process Protocol by Arnold Zack