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Section of Dispute Resolution

Dispute Resolution Magazine
Spring 1998 Issue
Transformation and Diffusion: International ADR Comes of Age
checkmarkDiffusion and Transformation: Reflections on a Theme
By Bryant G. Garth
checkmarkLeaping the Bar: Overcoming Legal Opposition to ADR in the Developing World
By Christine Cervenak, David Fairman and Elizabeth McClintock
checkmarkFunding, Judicial Commitment and Basic Resources Are Keys to Successful ADR Programs in Developing Nations
By Melinda Ostermeyer
checkmarkADR in South Africa: A Great Tool for a Rapidly Changing Society
By Charles Nupen
checkmarkADR Can Help Ease Unique Problems Inherent in Transnational Family Disputes ADR News & Resources
By James B. Boskey
checkmarkLessons of the IBM-Fujitsu Arbitration: How Disputants Can Work Together to Solve Deeper Conflicts
By Robert H. Mnookin and Jonathan D. Greenberg
checkmarkNAFTA: How It Has Transformed Dispute Resolution in Canada, Mexico and the United States
By James H. Carter
checkmarkInternational Commercial Arbitrators: From Merchant to Academic to Skilled Professional
By Jacques Werner
checkmarkEnvironmental Concerns: Dispute Resolution Has a Key Role to Play
By Abram Chayes
checkmarkADR News & Resources/ADR Calendar
By James Boskey