ABA Criminal Justice Section

Newsletter - Fall 1998 Vol. 7, Number 1

ABA Criminal Justice Section Officer and Council Nomination Form

Return this form by January 22, 1999 to:

Mable Muldrow
ABA Criminal Justice Section
740 15th St., N.W.
Washington, DC 20005-1009

To the Nominating Committee-Please consider the following individual:

Address: ___________________________________________________________
City State Zip____________________________________________________
Phone (business) (___)____________________ Home (___)___________________

for the position of: (check one)

___ Chairperson-Elect (1-year term)
___ Vice Chairperson for Planning (1-year term)
___ Vice Chairperson for Governmental Affairs (1-year term)
___ Vice Chairperson for Professional Development/CLE (1-year term)
___ Vice Chairperson for Publications (1-year term)
___ Section Delegate to the House of Delegates (3-year term)
___ Council Member (3-year term, 5 positions available)
___ Council Member (1 -year term, 1 position, nominee must be less than 36 years old on August 8, 1999.)

Please include a cover letter listing previous Section activity and other qualifications, plus a resume or biography.