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Electronic Surveillance: Part B:

Technologically-Assisted Physical Surveillance

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In August 1998, the ABA House of Delegates approved these “black letter” standards that have been published with commentary in ABA Standards for Criminal Justice: Electronic Surveillance: Section B: Technologically-Assisted Physical Surveillance, 3d ed., © 1999 American Bar Association. For the text of the publication, click here. To go directly to individual “black letter” standards (without commentary), click on the links below. For information about purchasing the printed volume, please see Standards Ordering Information.

Standard 2-9.1  General principles
Standard 2-9.2  Definitions
Standard 2-9.3  Video surveillance
Standard 2-9.4  Tracking devices
Standard 2-9.5  Illumination and telescopic devices
Standard 2-9.6  Detection devices


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