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Criminal Justice Magazine
Spring 2005
Volume 20 Number 1

Officers and Council Nominations for 2005-06

The Section's Nominating Committee met on February 12, 2005, and nominated the slate of candidates for the 2005-06 association year, beginning in August. The Candidates are:

Chair: Michael Pasano Miami, Florida

Chair Elect: Robert M. A. Johnson anoka, Minnesota

Vice-Chair for Planning: Stephen A. Saltzburg Washington, DC

Vice-Chair for Publications: Amie L. Clifford columbia, South Carolina

Vice-Chair for CLE: Anthony Joseph Birmingham, Alabama

Vice Chair for Governmental Affairs: James M. Cole, Washington DC

Council Members (3-year terms): Dino G. Amoroso, Stephen M. Komie, Nina Marino, Robert JMcWhirter, William N. shepherd

Anticiapted Council Seat (fill remainder of 3-year term): Andrea Taylor

Young Lawyers Seat (1-year term): Edward N. Siskel

Delegate to the House of Delegates: Neal sonnett

Anticipated Delegate Seat (fill remainder of 3-year term): Susan Gaertner

Petition nomination for council member-at-large seat: Candidates for the Section Council member-at-large seat may be nominated by submitting a petition to Section Chairperson Catherine Anderson, in care of the Section staff office. Petitions must be received no later than June 7, 2005. For further details concerning the bylaw provisions related to this position and petition procedures, contact Susan Hillenbrand at (202) 662-1503.



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