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Spring 2002




Spring 2002 Volume 17, Number 1


Child Protection Laws and Criminal Convictions
By Mark Hardin
Laws to protect children make it harder for those with a criminal conviction to maintain custody. Understanding the implications of these collateral consequences is essential to both prosecutors and defense counsel.
Ramifications for Spouse and Partners

Prisoner Reentry: Issues for Practice and Policy
By Jeremy Travis, Laurie O. Robinson, and Amy L. Solomon
Prisoners returning "home" is nothing new, but in today's society there are more individuals than ever coming back to communities that may be ill-prepared for them. The authors discuss what is currently available to make the transition successful.
Reentry Courts

The Biology of Violence:
Serotonin, Alcoholism, and Hypoglycemia
By Paul Rossby
Science and the law meet in this article about new data that suggests some offenders may be unable to control violent tendencies due to inherent chemical deficiencies within their brains. The article looks at several studies and one legal case that address the connection between violence and low levels of serotonin, type-2 alcoholism, and low blood sugar.

ABA Creates Task Force on Gatekeeper Regulation and the Profession

Rules Committee Reacts to Patriot Act, Hearsay Evidence


Fingerprints challenged!

Trial Tactics
Permissible, impermissible corroboration of witnesses

The Supreme Court and defense counsel conflicts

Juvenile Justice
Juvenile court motions practice

Pre-Trial Motion Worksheet

Federal Sentencing
Federal criminal appeal primer

Indigent Defense
New frontiers in public defense

Section News
Criminal justice ethics conference

Chair's Report to Members

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