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Winter 2002
Volume 18 Issue 1

Section News

Kristie Kennedy

Kristie Kennedy is staff counsel with the Criminal Justice Section.

ABA in Philadelphia for Midyear

The 2002 ABA Midyear Meeting was held January 30 to February 5 in Philadelphia. The Criminal Justice Section Council did not meet; however, the Section’s Executive Committee, Nominating Committee, and Standards Committee held meetings.

CJS Resolutions to the House

The Criminal Justice Section was the primary sponsor of four policy resolutions for consideration at the ABA House of Delegates meeting in Philadelphia. These resolutions (1) revise the pretrial release provisions of the ABA Standards for Criminal Justice; (2) recommend that federal, state, territorial, and local governments enact legislation to expand voluntary and productive work for jail and prison inmates, and provide job training and job placement assistance in conjunction with community-based correctional programs; (3) recommend that "gatekeeper" money laundering legislation and measures not interfere with the attorney-client privilege; and (4) oppose the trend toward processing more and younger youths as adults in the criminal justice system.

Fall Meeting Held in Annapolis

The Section Council held its fall meeting in Annapolis, Maryland, on November 17. Various Section committees met on Friday, November 16, and throughout the weekend. The Section also sponsored a CLE program entitled, "The Child Witness in Criminal Cases" on November 16. In addition, an information task force regarding "gatekeeper" responsibilities of lawyers and other professionals for reporting suspicious activity that may be related to money laundering presented a forum at the Council meeting on November 17. For information on the Council activities, committee meetings, or the CLE program, contact the Section staff office at (202) 662–1500 or

Section Working Group on Terrorism and the Law

A working group addressing issues and initiatives concerning antiterrorism laws was recently formed within the Criminal Justice Section. The group will work closely with the ABA Task Force on Terrorism and the Law. The members of the working group are James Robinson (chairperson), Richard Callahan, James Cole, John Elwood, Paul Rashkind, and Joe Whitley.

"Gatekeeper" Responsibilities

The ABA Criminal Justice Section is engaged in ongoing discussions with U.S. Department of Justice and Treasury Department officials concerning potential "gatekeeper" responsibilities that may be imposed on lawyers to report "suspicious activity" that is indicative of money laundering by clients. A December 14, 2001, meeting was held with these officials. Bruce Zagaris, with the law firm of Berliner, Corcoran and Rowe in Washington, D.C., is the Section’s representative in these discussions.

Juvenile Defender Leadership Summit

The Section’s Juvenile Justice Center cosponsored with the Youth Law Center and the Juvenile Law Center the Fifth Annual Juvenile Defender Leadership Summit on October 25–27 in Miami Beach, Florida. Approximately 240 persons from throughout the country attended.

Meeting with Japanese Delegation

Section staff met with a delegation from the Japan Federation of Bar Associations to discuss aspects of the United States system of providing criminal defense through a public defender service. Japan does not have a public defender service and is considering developing one.

Winter and Spring Programs

  • The White Collar Crime National Institute will be held in Miami, Florida, February 28 through March 1.
  • The Law Student Trial Advocacy Competition will be held at The John Marshall Law School in Chicago April 4–6.
  • The Public Law Office Management Conference will be held in San Antonio, Texas, April 12–13.

Join us in New Orleans

The Criminal Justice Section Council and a number of Section committees will meet in New Orleans April 19–21. The Section will be headquartered at the Le Meridien Hotel, 614 Canal Street, New Orleans. A block of rooms has been reserved at the ABA rate of $170/single and $180/double, plus tax. Call 1–800–543–4300 to make a reservation. A CLE program is also scheduled. For more information, contact Sherrill Fortinberry, the Section staff director for planning and development, at (202) 662–1516.

Staff Changes

Fonzell Robinson, administrative assistant to the Section director, left the Section in November to take a position with an organization teaching persons who are studying to receive their GED. ?

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