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Criminal Justice Magazine
Summer 2000
Vol. 15, Issue 2

Reading Resources

  • "Recognizing the Child in the Delinquent" by Marty Beyer, Kentucky Children's Rights Journal (1999) contains citations to adolescent development articles. The outline for the developmental assessment is available from the ABA Juvenile Justice Center at .
  • "You're My What? The Problem of Children's Misperceptions of Their Lawyers' Roles" by Emily Buss, 64 Fordham Law Review 1699 (1996).
  • "Development of Adjustment Problems in Girls" by Margit Wangby, Lars Bergman, and David Magnusson, 70 Child Development 3, (1999).
  • "Competency to Stand Trial in Juvenile Delinquency Proceedings: Cognitive Maturity and the Attorney-Client Relationship" by Vance Cowden and Geoffrey McKee, 33 University of Louisville Journal of Family Law 629 (1995).
  • Juveniles' Waiver of Rights by Thomas Grisso, Plenum (1981).
  • "Juvenile Competency to Stand Trial" by Thomas Grisso, 12(3) Criminal Justice 4 (Fall 1997).
  • Treating Traumatized Children by Beverly James, Lexington Books (1989).
  • "Children's Knowledge of the Legal System: Are They Competent to Instruct Legal Counsel?" by Michele Peterson-Badali and Rona Abramovitch, 34 Canadian Journal of Criminology 139 (1992).
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