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Criminal Justice Magazine, Winter 2004

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CRIMINAL JUSTICE Winter 2004 Volume 18, Number 4 FEATURES

To live and Work in Kosovo:
Justice in the Aftermath of War
By Hon. Marilyn Justman Kaman

Sarbanes-Oxley Puts Teeth into Criminal Sanctions
By Michael Pasano and Thierry Olivier Desmet

Child Witnesses:
Alternatives to Face-to-Face Confrontation
By Hon. Catherine L. Anderson

Heatwole: A Test Case for Sentencing Sanity
By Mark H. Allenbaugh

The Cincinatti Police-Community Relations Collaborative
By Jay Rothman and Randi Land


Chair's Report to Members
Justice for all victims of Green River killer

Letter to the Editor

"Thou shalt not use religion in closing argument"

National Clearinghouse for Science, Technology, and the Law

Trial Tactics
Interpreting Code II

Criminal Justice Matters
Convicting the innocent: An instructional issue

Cert Alert
Power and Secrecy of courts highlight new Term

Scientific Evidence
Youngblood innocent!

The Practice
Experts: No place like home

Book Review
Trial Preparation for Prosecutors

Committee on Race & Racism's Diversity Project

Section News
Fall in Washington; spring in Palm Springs

Andrew Sonner Accepts English Award

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