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Fall 2003


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CRIMINAL JUSTICE Fall 2003 Volume 18, Number 3


Challenges of the Technological Revolution:
ABA Sets Standards for Electronic and Physical Surveillance
By Martin Marcus and Christopher Slobogin

Juveniles on Trial:
MacArthur Foundation Study Calls Competency into Question
By Laurence Steinberg

To Catch a Killer: Roadblocks and the Fourth Amendment
By Michael T. Morley

Courts "Bail Out" on Gideon:
Detainees Face Hearings Alone
By Douglas Colbert

Exonerations Change Judicial Views on Ineffective Assistance of Counsel
By Adele Bernhard


Chair's Report to Members
Drug abuse and prosecution: Beyond the "war"

Brother's keeper: Must you protect opponent's confidentiality?

Trial Tactics
Interpreting code: Part 1

Juvenile Justice
The right to appeal

Cert Alert
End of 2002 Term; Preview of 2003

Scientific Evidence
Everything that's wrong-in one case

Federal Sentencing
Early release from custody

Book Review
Running on empathy: Murder and the Reasonable Man

Section News
Annual Meeting; award winners; Fellers amicus brief

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