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Summer 2001


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Right to Counsel: Courts Adhere to Bright-line Limits
By James S. Montana, Jr., and John A. Galotto

When does the right to counsel attach? In a rash of recent cases, lower courts have reluctantly stayed within the Supreme Court's narrow limits. But the authors argue for a broader interpretation.

The Death Penalty Under Attack
By Sen. Russ Feingold

The Wisconsin senator asserts his impassioned view that the death penalty is an inappropriate response in a civilized nation, illustrating a gradual change of attitude at both the state and federal levels.

Sex Offender Civil Commitments: Scientists or Psychics?
By Donna Cropp Bechman

A public defender, the author examines the science behind the popular statutes that allow the government to indefinitely confine known sex offenders after they have served their sentences.
RAI Risk Factors

American Lawyers in Rwanda Offer Tools to Tame Chaos
By Michael Th. Johnson, Ralph C. Martin, II, and Robert M.A. Johnson

Following the horrors of a civil war that decimated the African nation's population, Rwanda finds itself faced with a legal nightmare. Thousands of defendants are charged with war crimes, but the country's legal infrastructure is in disarray.

Freedom from Fear
By L. Richard Walton

The winner of the 2001 William W. Greenhalgh Student Writing Competition writes on the topic "School Violence and the Classroom: Balancing Constitutional Rights of Students and the Need for Safe Schools."


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