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Spring 2000
Vol. 15, Issue 1

Section News

Tom C. Smith

ABA in Dallas for Midyear

The 2000 ABA Midyear Meeting was held February 9-14 in Dallas, Texas. The Criminal Justice Section Council did not meet; however, the Section's Executive Committee and Nominating Committee held meetings. (See "ABA Criminal Justice Section Nominations 2000-01"on page 64 for the list of nominees for Council and officer vacancies.) In addition, the Section sponsored a continuing legal education program (CLE) entitled, "Ethical Considerations for Counsel in Death Penalty Cases." For information on the program, contact the Section office at (202) 662-1519 or by e-mail at

CJS Resolutions to the House

The Criminal Justice Section was the primary sponsor of two policy resolutions for consideration at the ABA House of Delegates meeting February 14. The resolutions included (1) urging Congress to reauthorize and fund the Family Unity Demonstration Project (42 U.S.C. §13881, et seq.), and (2) urging review of sentencing and correctional policies related to elderly prison inmates.

Spring Meeting Held in Utah

The Section Council held its Spring Meeting in Park City, Utah, on April 1-2. Various Section committees met on Friday, March 31, and throughout the rest of the weekend. In addition, the Section cosponsored with the Utah Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers and the Utah Prosecution Council a CLE program on Thursday, March 30, and Friday, March 31. It presented panel sessions on a potpourri of contemporary criminal justice topics such as "Search and Seizure," "Mental Health Issues," and "Juvenile Justice Topics." An ethics component and case law update was also included in the program. For information on the Council activities, committee meetings, or the CLE program, contact the Section staff office at (202) 662-1500 or

Annual Meeting in New York, London

The 2000 ABA Annual Meeting will be held July 6-12, 2000, in New York City. Criminal Justice Section activities, including numerous CLE programs, will take place July 7-10. The program titles include:"Youth on Trial: Developmental Perspectives on Juvenile Justice," "U.S. Sentencing Commission Commissioners, New Directions, New Challenges," "War Crimes," "Reconciling International Standards for Bribery: The International Olympic Committee Experience," "Ethical Problems Facing Prosecutors," "Successfully Defending a DWI Case," and "Annual Survey of Supreme Court Decisions." Two additional Section-sponsored programs have been designated as Presidential Showcase programs. They are "Discretion and Racism in the Courts: Practical Strategies for Defense Attorneys, Prosecutors, and Judges," and "Lessons from the Innocence Project (DNA Clears Cases)." The Section Council will meet on Saturday, July 8, and Sunday, July 9, at the Crowne Plaza Hotel.

This year, the American Bar Association will also hold a portion of its Annual Meeting in London, England, July 15-20. Many unique opportunities will be presented for members to interact with British barristers, solicitors, and judges. On Tuesday evening, July 18, Criminal Justice Section members will be guests at a reception sponsored by the Criminal Bar Association/London Criminal Courts Solicitor's Association. On Wednesday, July 19, the Section is the primary sponsor of a plenary session continuing legal education program entitled, "The Future of the Jury System in the U.S. and England: Changing Paradigms." Other plenary session CLE programs will be held between Monday, July 17, and Thursday, July 20. A number of them are cosponsored by the Criminal Justice Section. For information on Criminal Justice Section activities at either or both the New York and London ABA Annual Meeting sessions, please contact the Section staff office at (202) 662-1500.

Each year many hotels for the ABA Annual Meeting sell out quickly; advance registration is suggested. Hotel rooms are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis, and the Section does not have reserved rooms for late registrants. To take advantage of the savings and to ensure that you get the hotel of your choice, make your arrangements as soon as possible. To receive a registration form, phone the ABA Service Center at (800) 285-2111.

Section Membership Meeting

All Criminal Justice Section members are invited to attend the Section Membership Meeting on Sunday, July 9, in New York City. Business requiring a vote by Section members, including election of officers and Council members, will be conducted. For additional information, phone Section Director Tom C. Smith at (202) 662-1510 or e-mail to

Member-at-Large Election Petitions Due

At the Sunday, July 9, 2000, Section Membership Meeting in New York City, the Criminal Justice Section membership will elect a Section Council member-at-large for a one-year term to begin in July 2000. Candidates are nominated through the petitioning process. Petitions for nomination must be signed by at least 20 Section members in good standing from one or more states. If no petitions are submitted for the Council member-at-large seat by the deadline, nominations will be accepted from the floor.

Petitions for the member-at-large seat must be submitted by certified or registered mail to Bruce M. Lyons, ABA Criminal Justice Section, 740 15th Street, N.W., Washington, DC 20005. Petitions must be received by May 10, 2000. Provided it is duly signed by all petitioners, the nominating petition may be submitted in parts. All petitions must contain an address and must be accompanied by written consent of the nominee. For a sample petition, contact Section Director Tom C. Smith at (202) 662-1510 or e-mail to

Notification When Lawyers Charged

In response to discussions engaged in by representatives of the ABA Criminal Justice Section's White Collar Crime Committee and officials at the U.S. Department of Justice, the United States Attorneys Manual has been amended to require that the assistant attorney general for the Criminal Division be notified in advance of criminal charges being filed against attorneys for their work representing clients. For a copy of the amendments, contact Mabel Muldrow in the Section staff office (202) 662-1520.

Money Laundering "Gatekeepers"Meeting

ABA Criminal Justice Section representatives are participating in a series of meetings at the U.S. Department of Justice to discuss the role of lawyers and other professionals (e.g., accountants, auditors, etc.) in detecting and deterring money laundering. The discussions are conducted in furtherance of the "National Money Laundering Strategy for 1999" (issued in September 1999). For further information, contact Section Director Tom C. Smith at (202) 662-1510 or e-mail to

National Summit on Identity Theft

ABA Criminal Justice Section representatives participated in the National Summit on Identity Theft sponsored by the United States Treasury Department in Washington, D.C., on March 15-16. The summit's purpose was to enlist private sector assistance in preventing identity theft. For further information, contact Section Director Tom C. Smith at (202) 662-1510 or e-mail to

White Collar Crime National Institute

The Section's Fourteenth Annual National Institute on White Collar Crime was held in Miami Beach, Florida, on March 2-3, 2000. Those interested in purchasing the course material book, audio cassette tapes, or obtaining further information about the program may phone (800) 285-2221.

Health Care Fraud National Institute

The Section's Sixth Annual National Institute on Health Care Fraud will be held in San Francisco on May 4-6, 2000. For more information on the institute, contact Sherrill Fortinberry in the Section office at (202) 662-1512.

Grant Received

Notice has been received that the ABA Criminal Justice Section's Juvenile Justice Center will be the recipient of a $300,000 grant from the MacArthur Foundation. This grant will enable the center to continue its work in conducting training through an adolescent development curriculum. Among the modules in the curriculum are "juvenile client interviewing," "mental health," and "special education." The grant requires the center to distribute and implement the curriculum widely at six sites. For more information, contact Patricia Puritz, director/consultant at the center at (202) 662-1515 or e-mail to

National Criminal Justice Trial Advocacy Competition

The tenth annual National Criminal Justice Trial Advocacy Competition was held in Chicago on April 6-8, 2000. Trial teams from 20 law schools participated, including a team from University College in Dublin, Ireland. The award-winning competition is cosponsored by The John Marshall Law School and the American Bar Association Criminal Justice Section. For more information, contact the competition's director, Prof. Ronald C. Smith, The John Marshall Law School, 315 South Plymouth Court, Chicago, Illinois 60604, or phone (312) 987-1444 or e-mail

Gaming National Institute

The Section's fourth annual National Institute on Gaming was held in New Orleans, Louisiana, April 6-7, 2000. It is designed for experienced lawyers who have practiced in the area of gaming law, and also for novices, who will be encountering federal or state investigation and prosecution related to gaming offenses. For more information on the program and available material, phone the Section staff office at (202) 662-1519.

ABA Day in Washington

The fourth annual ABA Day in Washington will be held May 16-17, 2000. This event brings ABA leaders and members to Washington, D.C., to lobby members of Congress on issues that are of interest to the ABA. For more information about participating in this event, contact Senior Legislative Counsel Kevin Driscoll at (202) 662-1766, or e-mail to

Winner of Greenhalgh Writing Competition

Camille Knight has been selected as the winner of the Section's fourth Greenhalgh Student Writing Competition. Her winning essay is on the topic of race profiling. The essay will be published in the Fall or Winter 2000 issue of Criminal Justice magazine. She will be awarded the $2,000 top prize at the Section Annual Meeting luncheon in New York City on Saturday, July 8. Rules and topics for the next contest will be posted on the Section's Website starting May 1 at

CJS People

Gary Grindler, the U.S. Department of Justice's (DOJ) representative on the Criminal Justice Section Council, has left the DOJ to enter private practice. He will be succeeded on the Council by Jonathan Schwartz, who replaced Grindler as principal associate deputy attorney general.

Rufus King, ABA Criminal Justice Section chairperson in 1957, died of cancer on December 28, 1999, at his home in Washington, D.C. He was 82 years old and continued to maintain an interest in the Section and its activities until his death. n

Tom C. Smith is a lawyer and director of the Criminal Justice Section in Washington, D.C.