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Criminal Justice Magazine
Spring 2000
Vol. 15, Issue 1

ABA Criminal Justice Section Nominations 2000-01

The Section's Nominating Committee met on February 13, 2000, to nominate members for Council and officer positions. Chair-Elect Ralph Martin of Boston, Massachusetts, will automatically succeed as Section chairperson, in accordance with Section bylaws. Prof. Ronald C. Smith of Chicago, Illinois, who is vice-chair for planning, will automatically succeed as Section chair-elect. The slate of nominees is as follows:

  • Vice-Chair for Planning: Albert Krieger of Miami, Florida, is a private practitioner who engages in criminal defense. He served as a member of the Section's governing Council and is a member of the Section's Criminal Justice Standards Committee.
  • Vice-Chair for Governmental Relations: Ronald H. Weich is an attorney in private practice in Washington, D.C. He has been a member of the Section Council since April 1999, when he was elected to fill an unexpired Council term.
  • Vice-Chair for CLE/Professional Development: Michael Pasano of Miami, Florida, is a criminal defense attorney in private practice. He has served as a Section Council member from 1995-98. He is currently the Section's vice-chair for governmental affairs. He is also an active member of the White Collar Crime Committee.
  • Vice-Chair for Publications: Carol Garfiel Freeman of Rockville, Maryland, is a lawyer on the staff of the United States District Court for the District of Columbia. She is currently the vice-chair for publications, having served two years in that position.
  • Section Delegate to the ABA House of Delegates: Michael Th. Johnson of Concord, New Hampshire, is county attorney in Merrimack County. He currently is a Section delegate from the Section. He was formerly a member and chairperson of the Criminal Justice Standards Committee.

To fill five three-year Council seats, the following persons were nominated:

  • Arthur Burnett, Sr. , is a retired superior court judge from Washington, D.C. He is currently senior co-chair of the Criminal Justice magazine editorial board, and formerly was chairperson of the Section's Committee on Rules of Criminal Procedure and Evidence.
  • Anthony Joseph is a private practitioner in Birmingham, Alabama. He is currently a Council member, having been elected to the Council member-at-large seat in August 1999. He is a member of the Section's White Collar Crime Committee.
  • Barbara O'Connor of Burlington, Vermont, is a federal defender. She is currently chair of the Section's Defense Function/Services Committee.
  • Stephen Saltzburg of Washington, D.C., is a law professor at George Washington University Law School. He is currently a Council member, having been elected in April 1999 to fill an unexpired term.
  • Michael Wims of Salt Lake City, Utah, is an assistant attorney general for the state. He was formerly a Council member and currently is chair of the Section's Prosecution Function Committee.

    To fill the Young Lawyers Division seat on the Section Council for a one-year term, Clarence Guthrie III of Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, has been nominated. He is a judge advocate, currently assigned duties as defense counsel, in the United States Marine Corps, holding the rank of captain.

    In accordance with the Section bylaws, Section Chair-Elect Ralph C. Martin II is chair of the Nominating Committee. Section Chair Bruce M. Lyons and Section Vice-Chair for Planning Ronald C. Smith are ex officio members. Lyons appointed the following members to the committee:

  • Richard Callahan, Jefferson City, Missouri
  • Janet Fink of New York, New York
  • Lori Levin of Chicago, Illinois
  • Marcus B. Paine of Anchorage, Alaska
  • Paul Rashkind of Miami, Florida