Vol 29

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February 2011, 29(12)

  1. The CAPTA Reauthorization Act of 2010: What Advocates Should Know
  2. Children’s School Experiences upon Entering Foster Care
  3. Improving Representation through Practice Standards: Learning from Pennsylvania and Washington
  4. New Tools for Finding Families
  5. So Far, Recession Is Having Little Impact on Child Maltreatment


January 2011, 29(11)

  1. Securing Permanency for Children in Foster Care: The Detroit Center for Family Advocacy’s Approach
  2. Representing Transgender Youth: Learning from Mae’s Journey
  3. Ethical Consideration: Model Rule 1.14 – Diminished Capacity


December 2010, 29(10)

  1. How Social Workers Can Support Parents’ Attorneys
  2. Helping Foster Children “Carry” on to Adulthood
  3. When Bullying Takes a Life: Advocacy Tips to Protect LGBTQ Youth
  4. Bob Schwartz, The “Guru of Philly”
  5. Ethical Consideration: Model Rule 1.6


November 2010, 29(9)

  1. What Social Science Tells Us about Youth Who Commit Status Offenses: Practice Tips for Attorneys
  2. Representing Very Young Children - Ethical Consideration: Model Rule 4.2 Communicating with Represented Parties
  3. Tribal Courts May Adjudicate Children’s Cases


October 2010, 29(8)

  1. Notifying Relatives in Child Welfare Cases: Tips for Attorneys
  2. New Report Looks at Substance Abuse in the Lives of Teens
  3. State Responses to Substance-Exposed Infants Differ Widely
  4. Adoptive Children of Lesbian and Gay Couples Developing Well
  5. New Study Challenges Stereotypes of Adolescent Sex Offenders
  6. Child Abuse Declines Nationally Despite Economic Recession


September 2010, 29(7)

  1. Ex Parte Communications between Children and Judges in Dependency Proceedings
  2. ABA Affirms Right to Legal Representation for Children and Parents in Child Maltreatment Cases and Adopts Other Policies
  3. Tips on Handling Cyberbullying, Sexting
  4. Childhood Abuse, Adversity May Shorten Life, Weaken Immune Response
  5. Mentoring, Skills Development Improves Mental Health in Foster Children
  6. Change is Local: State and Local Bar Projects Help Kids


August 2010, 29(6)

  1. Tools for Evaluating Parent Attorney Performance
  2. Abigail English: A Pioneer in Health Care for Teens
  3. States Celebrate National Family Reunification Day


July 2010, 29(5)

  1. Helping Pregnant and Parenting Teens Find Housing
  2. Parent-Child Interactions within Correctional Systems
  3. Dual Representation in the Family Law Context: A Case Study


June 2010, 29(4)

  1. Community-Based Solutions for Delinquent Youth: A Guide for Advocates
  2. Juvenile Offenders May Not be Jailed without Parole for Nonhomicide Crimes
  3. Interviewers’ Gestures May Prompt Wrong Answers from Children
  4. Judicial Viewpoints on ASFA
  5. Tribal Governments Become Direct IV-E Grantees


May 2010, 29(3)

  1. Federal Funding for Child Welfare: What You Should Know
  2. How Health Care Reform Helps Children in or at Risk of Entering the Child Welfare System
  3. Child Abuse and Neglect Registries: Protecting Due Process Rights


April 2010, 29(2)

  1. The Impact of ASFA on Immigrant Children in the Child Welfare System
  2. ABA House of Delegates Passes Nine Policy Resolutions with Child/Youth Impact
  3. Responses to Children during a Parent’s Arrest


March 2010, 29(1)

  1. Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders in the Child Welfare System: A Guide for Lawyers and Judges
  2. Positive Youth Development: The Key to Keeping Youth Out of the Juvenile Justice System
  3. Children of Incarcerated Parents Promoting Coordination across Service Systems