Vol 27

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February 2009, 27(12)

  1. Child Victims Need Lawyers Too: Tips for Child’s Counsel in Criminal Cases
  2. Bridging the Gap between Affordable Housing and Child Welfare
  3. A Look at Family Finances in Foster Parenting
  4. Child Abuse Increases Risk for Sexually Coercive Behavior in Men
  5. Lawyer’s Involvement in Negligence Action Involving Foster Child Did Not Bar Future Representation of Children


January 2009, 27(11)

  1. Reaching Nonresident Fathers in the Child Welfare System: Understanding Male Help-Seeking Behaviors
  2. Early Intervention as Prevention: Addressing Trauma in Young Children
  3. Violence by Teenage Girls: Trends and Context
  4. Fostering Connections to Success and Increasing Adoptions Act of 2008


December 2008, 27(10)

  1. Representing Nonresident Fathers in Dependency Cases
  2. Reshaping Juvenile Justice Policy: A Wish List
  3. A Step Back for Equal Rights
  4. Grandparents Are a Safe Source of Child Care


November 2008, 27(9)

  1. Advocating for the Constitutional Rights of Nonresident Fathers
  2. Special Education Decision Making: Role of the Child’s Attorney
  3. Parents’ Social Workers Help Parents Succeed


October 2008, 27(8)

  1. Finding Family Connections for Foster Youth
  2. Significant Federal Child Welfare Law Will Affect State Practice
  3. ABA Approves New Child-Focused Policies
  4. Children’s Advocacy Centers Improve Response to Child Abuse Victims


September 2008, 27(7)

  1. Evidence-Based Treatment for Children in Child Welfare
  2. Connecticut Child Welfare System Must Act Aggressively to Address Failures
  3. Kinship Care May Lead to Increased Behavioral Well-Being
  4. Ten Things Great Bosses Know
  5. Ask the Psychiatrist


August 2008, 27(6)

  1. Healthy Attachment for Very Young Children in Foster Care
  2. The Military Opt-Out Option for Youth in Foster Care
  3. Black Children are Being Served by MEPA
  4. Death Penalty for Child Rapists is Unconstitutional
  5. Ask the Psychiatrist


July 2008, 27(5)

  1. Seeking Shelter in Tough Times: Securing Housing for Youth who Age Out of Foster Care
  2. How an Education Expert Can Assist with Child Custody Solutions
  3. Is MEPA/IEP Working for African American Children?
  4. Florida Representation Project Speeds Permanency for Foster Children


June 2008, 27(4)

  1. Youth Suicide and Self-Harm: What Advocates Need to Know
  2. A Cut Above: What Makes a Parent Attorney Great
  3. Ask the Psychiatrist
  4. Behind the Scenes of Youth Courts


May 2008, 27(3)

  1. Navigating the Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children: Advocacy Tips for Child Welfare Attorneys
  2. Tapping The Inner Circle - Supporting Youth in Transition
  3. New Clues about Neglect in Early Life
  4. Ask the Psychiatrist
  5. Six Steps to Address Rising STIs in Teen Girls


April 2008, 27(2)

  1. Older Youth and Adoption: Adopting Teen-friendly Practice
  2. Reclaiming Futures: FreeingYouth from Drugs andCrime
  3. Women Who Suffered Child Abuse Spend More on Health Care
  4. New Report Provides Substance Use and Mental Health Information for Each State
  5. ABA Calls for Reform in Child Welfare/Delinquency "Crossover" Cases


March 2008, 27(1)

  1. Reducing Trauma for Children Involved in Dependency and Criminal Court
  2. When Crime Touches Child Welfare: A Quiz
  3. Alaska and Nebraska Enact Safe Haven Laws
  4. Sibling Bonds and Separations
  5. Practicing Preventative Law: A Day in the Life of a Medical-Legal Partnership Attorney