Vol 26

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February 2008, 26(12)

  1. Reducing Trauma for Children Involved in Dependency and Criminal Court
  2. When Crime Touches Child Welfare: A Quiz
  3. Alaska and Nebraska Enact Safe Haven Laws
  4. Sibling Bonds and Separations
  5. Practicing Preventative Law: A Day in the Life of a Medical-Legal Partnership Attorney


January 2008, 26(11)

  1. Strong Relationship, Strong Advocacy: Tips for Building Relationships with LGBTQ Youth
  2. Settlement to Reform Mississippi’s Child Welfare System
  3. United States Ratifies International Adoption Treaty
  4. Foster Care Adoption Process Confuses Many
  5. Study Supports Extending Foster Care to Age 21
  6. Safeguarding Children When a Parent is Arrested


December 2007, 26(10)

  1. Child Abuse and Neglect in the Military: An Introduction for Child Welfare Lawyers
  2. Improving Educational Success for Children and Youth in Foster Care: Ensuring School Stability
  3. Funding Foster Care to Promote Permanency and Well-being
  4. Reducing Risks for Teen Moms


November 2007, 26(9)

  1. With Me, Not Without Me: How to Involve Children in Court
  2. Expediting Dependency Appeals
  3. Mothers’ Drinking Shrinks Fetal Brain
  4. ABA Standards Safeguard Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, and Stalking Victims


October 2007, 26(8)

  1. Visitation with Infants and Toddlers in Foster Care
  2. New York Law Lowers Caseloads for Children's Attorneys
  3. Understanding and Preventing Compassion Fatigue
  4. Children of Single Fathers Often Miss Out on Health Care


September 2007, 26(7)

  1. Exploring Attitudes about LGBTQ Youth in Foster Care
  2. Engaging Dads in Child Welfare Cases
  3. Child Welfare Lawyers Climb Mountains to Boost Skills
  4. ABA Endorses Three New Youth Law Policies


August 2007, 26(6)

  1. How to Thrive, Not Just Survive, as a Children's Lawyer
  2. Foster Caregiver Role Changes as Status Expands
  3. Foster Children are Talking--Are You Listening?
  4. A Judge's 10 Commandments of Appellate Practice


July 2007, 26(5)

  1. Opening Doors for LGBTQ Youth in Foster Care
  2. Meth through a Child's Eyes
  3. States Graded on Child Representation Quality
  4. Avoid Pitfalls in Computer Presentations
  5. What Influences Children's Intelligence
  6. Project Strive: Reuniting Runaways


June 2007, 26(4)

  1. Achieving Permanency through Subsidized Guardianship
  2. Stress of Deployment Boosts Child Abuse, Neglect in Military Families
  3. New Law Strengthens Role of Foster Caregivers in Court
  4. Four Proven Ways to Invest in At-Risk Children


May 2007, 26(3)

  1. Lighting the Way: Preparing Foster Youth for Self-Sufficiency
  2. Fundamental Issues to Prevent and End Youth Homelessness
  3. The 10 Essentials Your Community Needs to Prevent & End Youth Homelessness
  4. Adolescent Risk Taking Likely Biologically Driven
  5. State Trends in Foster Care Adoption


April 2007, 26(2)

  1. Special Education Decisions for Children in Foster Care
  2. The Ties that Bind: Adoptive Parents Invest Much in Children
  3. A Better Workplace: Learning from Class Action Litigation
  4. Embracing a Respectful Language


March 2007, 26(1)

  1. Promoting Quality Parent Representation through Standards of Practice
  2. Connect with Your Client through Active Listening
  3. A Glossary of Research Terms
  4. "Poly-victim" Syndrome Widespread Among Children
  5. Treatment for Homeless Youth Pays Off in Long Run
  6. Mother's Sexual Abuse as a Child Does Not Lead Directly to Physical Abuse