Vol 25

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February 2007, 25(12)

  1. Healing the Youngest Children: Model Court-Community Partnerships
  2. Study Finds Children's Lawyers Have Crushing Caseloads
  3. Easing Professional Tensions


January 2007, 25(11)

  1. The Promise of the New Interstate Compact for the Placement of Children
  2. Substance Abuse Services Often Not Delivered to American Indian Caregivers
  3. Restoring Parental Rights: Giving Legal Orphans a Chance at a Family
  4. Teen Pregnancy Rates High Among Foster Youth: How Advocates Can Help
  5. Federal Child Welfare Law Developments


December 2006, 25(10)

  1. Seen and Heard: Involving Children in Dependency Court
  2. A Guide to Mental Health Services


November 2006, 25(9)

  1. Understanding Siblings' Rights in the Child Welfare System
  2. A Guide to Mental Health Evaluations
  3. Basic Guidelines for Interviewing Child Clients


October 2008, 26(8)

  1. Inpatient Psychiatric Evaluations and Residential Treatment: Practice Tips for Children's Attorneys
  2. Everyone Needs PALS: Iowa's Aftercare Services for Foster Youth
  3. Court Involvement Key to Preventing Truancy in Minnesota
  4. Foster Children at Most Risk for Chronic Health Problems
  5. New Child Maltreatment Statistics Show Continuing Decline


September 2006, 25(7)

  1. Including Fathers in Child Welfare Case Decision Making
  2. Child Sexual Exploitation Safeguards Strengthened
  3. Foster and Adoptive Children to Receive Timely Interstate Placements
  4. ABA Approves Parent Attorney Standards
  5. ABA Policy Strengthens Services for At-Risk Youth


August 2006, 25(6)

  1. An Advocate's Guide to the Use of Psychotropic Medications in Children and Adolescents
  2. What Advocates Should Know About Child Malnutrition and Neglect
  3. Does Psychological Treatment for Adult Sex Offenders Work?


July 2006, 25(5)

  1. Cultural Context in Permanency Planning for Adolescents
  2. Strategies to Reduce Repeat Child Maltreatment
  3. The Art of Telling a Story


June 2006, 25(4)

  1. Conducting Effective Review Hearings and Permanency Hearings (Pt. 2)
  2. Preventing Child Abuse: What's Working, What's Not
  3. Helping Juvenile Delinquents Succeed in School
  4. The Enhanced Home Visitation Program
  5. Getting the Most from Paralegals
  6. Maintaining Birth Family Connections


May 2006, 25(3)

  1. Conducting Effective Review Hearings and Permanency Hearings
  2. A Call for Legal Reforms to Expand Services After Permanency
  3. 18 & Out? Not So Fast
  4. Supporting Substance Abuse Recovery and Resilience


April 2006, 25(2)

  1. Recruiting and Sustaining Adoptive Families for Teens
  2. Foster Youth Can Go to College
  3. The Costs of Child Abuse


March 2006, 25(1)

  1. Screening Young Children in Dependency Drug Court
  2. American Indian Children in Foster Care
  3. Pew Commission Progress Report
  4. ABA Policy Prohibits Discrimination in Foster Care Placements