Vol 24

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February 2006 24(12)

  1. Improving Outcomes Together: Court and Child Welfare Collaboration
  2. Subsidized Guardianship: A Better Option?
  3. A New Model Of Service: The El Paso County, CO Office of the Guardian ad Litem
  4. The Link Between Adolescent Brain Development and Deviant Behavior


January 2006 24(11)

  1. Adolescents' Conflicting Feelings About Permanency
  2. What Makes Parenting Programs Succeed?
  3. Battered Child Syndrome--Why Didn't She Tell?


December 2005 24(10)

  1. Strategies for Achieving Timely Permanence
  2. Methamphetamine Use a Growing Challenge for Child Welfare
  3. A New Model of Service: The State Agency in Colorado
  4. Children in Foster Care May be Underaccounted for in Medicaid


November 2005 24(9)

  1. Mental Health Assessments for Infants and Toddlers
  2. Protecting the Rights of Service Members in Litigation Involving Children


October 2005 24(8)

  1. Permanency Planning for Adolescents with Disabilities
  2. The Science of Early Childhood Development
  3. Tips for Retrieving a Missing Child
  4. Foster Alumni Study Examines Mental Health, Education, and Employment Outcomes
  5. 2005 Kids Count: Key Findings and Trend


September 2005 24(7)

  1. Money Matters: Child Attorney Compensation Models
  2. New Study Shows the Need For Loan Forgiveness
  3. Black Children More Likely to Die from Traumatic Injury than Whites
  4. Preventing Youth Violence: Tips from Deborah Prothrow Stith


August 2005 24(6)

  1. Engaging Parents as a Path to Reunification: Surfacing Values and Dismantling Assumptions
  2. JustChildren: Pursuing a Holistic Approach to Family Advocacy
  3. Girl Juvenile Offenders Exhibit More Problems, Risks than Boys
  4. Five Ways to Help Children of Prisoner


July 2005 24(5)

  1. Addressing Financial Barriers in Permanency Planning for Adolescents
  2. Congress Wants Better Return on Child Welfare Spending--States Say System Needs Reform
  3. Listening to Youth


June 2005 24(4)

  1. Where are Your Standards? ABA Standards Take Agency Attorneys to New Levels
  2. Levels of Care: Helping or Hurting Children?
  3. Living a Normal Life: California Legislation Lifts Restrictions on Foster Children's Activities, An Interview with Miriam Krinski
  4. Researchers Look at Child Abuse Deaths in Military
  5. Violence Exposure and Trauma Reactions Can Lead to Poor Health in Children


May 2005 24(3)

  1. Representing Teen Victims of Domestic and Dating Violence
  2. Funding Child Welfare: Four Proposals to Watch
  3. Women in Prison Need Services to Maintain Family Connections


April 2005 24(2)

  1. Promoting Culturally Competent Legal Services for Latino Families
  2. Child Immigration Trends
  3. High Court Bars Executions for Crimes Committed by Juveniles


March 2005 24(1)

  1. Teen Sexuality and Relationships
  2. Domestic Violence and Child Maltreatment in Native Communities
  3. Q&A: What is an APPLA?