Vol 22


February 2004 22(12)

  1. Safe Mothers, Safe Children: The Dependency Court Intervention Program for Family Violence
  2. Fetus of Mentally Incompetent Mother Not Entitled to Guardian
  3. New Trial Ordered in Washington State Class Action to Reform Foster Care System
  4. Are Kids Better Off with ASFA?


January 2004 22(11)

  1. Addressing Substance Abuse in the Child Welfare System: A Summary of Practice and Policy Issues
  2. Taint May be Explored When Assessing Competency of Child Witnesses
  3. Health Care of Children in Foster Care
  4. Adoption Incentive Program Reauthorized
  5. The Parental Rights of Rapists


December 2003 22(10)

  1. The Nurse Family Partnership: Getting Children Off to a Good Start
  2. Termination of Parental Rights Ends Duty to Support Child
  3. Social Worker Immune From Suit Alleging Constitutional Violations in Child Abuse Investigation
  4. Keeping Adoptive Families Together
  5. Empowering Foster Youth: California Attorney Explains Rights
  6. Training Spotlight: Strategies to Achieve Permanence


November 2003 22(9)

  1. Protecting Client Confidences in Child Welfare Cases
  2. Illinois Appeals Court Upholds Termination of Parental Rights Based on Prior Criminal Conviction
  3. Meth Abuse Treatment Takes Time
  4. Major Depression in Adolescents Diminishes Adult Quality of Life
  5. Exposure to Violence During Childhood Increases Risk of Adult Partner Violence
  6. Helping Incarcerated Parents Stay Involved with Their Children
  7. Building Better Relationships: A Native Perspective


October 2003 22(8)

  1. When a Parent is a Batterer: Understanding and Working with Abusive Fathers
  2. California High Court Upholds Second Parent Adoptions
  3. Mediation in Bexar County, Texas: A Judge's View
  4. New Federal CAPTA Changes: Tips for Advocates


September 2003 22(7)

  1. What is Dual Disorder?
  2. Mother Who Suffered Dual Diagnosis Afforded Due Process Protections
  3. New York High Court Holds ASFA May be Applied Retroactively to Termination Proceedings
  4. How One Agency Handles Dual Diagnosis
  5. Public Defender Sees Dual Diagnosis, Foster Care and ASFA as Fast Track to Losing Kids
  6. Dual Diagnosis: Having Both a Mental Illness and Substance Disorder
  7. Court Improvement for Child Abuse and Neglect Litigation: What Next (Pt. 2)
  8. Abused Children May Have Hidden Head Injuries
  9. ABA Approves New Policies Affecting Children


August 2003 22(6)

  1. Court Improvement for Child Abuse and Neglect Litigation
  2. High Court Upholds Limits on Children’s Visits with Prisoners
  3. Lawyer’s Violation of Child’s Right to Privacy Could Lead to Damages Award
  4. State Court Authorized to Approve Adoption of Indian Child Whose Parents Lived Off Reservation
  5. GAL Not Liable for Alleged Malpractice While Performing Judicial Functions
  6. State Legislatures Respond to Methamphetamine Crisis
  7. Settlement Agreement Seeks to Shore Up New Jersey Foster Care System
  8. A New Look At Concurrent Planning
  9. Managing High Caseloads: New York Ethics Opinion Gives Guidance


July 2003 22(5)

  1. Quality Counts: Representation in Child Welfare Cases
  2. Child’s Right to Privacy Trumps Guardian Ad Litem’s Interest in Accessing Confidential Treatment Records
  3. Wrongful Removal of Boy from Home Raises Constitutional Concerns
  4. Advocacy for Children's Human Rights: A Medical/Legal Collaboration
  5. New on the Web
  6. New in Print
  7. Rethinking the Role of Independent Living in Permanency Planning


June 2003 22(4)

  1. Domestic Violence and Child Maltreatment in Immigrant Communities
  2. Eligibility for AFDC-FC May be Based on Relative's Home
  3. Juvenile Court Authorized to Withdraw Life-Sustaining Medical Treatment for Maltreated Infant
  4. ABA Endorses Uniform Act on Child Witness Testimony
  5. Many on Death Row Have Child Abuse Histories
  6. Quality Preschool Can Prevent Child Abuse
  7. Protection Orders Curb Partner Violence, But Few Seek Them
  8. Depression Hampers Mothers' Ability to Care for Children
  9. Rethinking the Role of Independent Living in Permanency Planning


May 2003 22(3)

  1. The Treatment Perspective in Permanency Decisions for Substance Abusing Parents


April 2003 22(2)

  1. Education Law Primer for Child Welfare Professionals (Part Two)
  2. Child Care Solutions for Child Welfare Clients
  3. State’s Use of Foster Children’s Social Security Benefits Does Not Violate Federal Law


March 2003 22(1)

  1. Education Law Primer for Child Welfare Professionals (Part One)
  2. The Impact of HIPAA on Child Abuse and Neglect Cases
  3. Children’s Suggestibility: New Test may Prove Useful in Legal Investigations
  4. Parents Adopting Special Needs Children Eligible for Flat Tax Credit
  5. ABA Supports New Uniform Acts