Vol 21


February 2003 21(1)

  1. Understanding Adolescent Substance Abuse
  2. Aging Out of Foster Care: Research Trends & Tips
  3. Social Workers as Expert Witnesses: What You Should Know


January 2003 21(11)

  1. Assessing a Child Client’s Considered Judgment
  2. Family Violence Litigation: Protecting the Child and Preparing Your Case
  3. Are You Certified? Juvenile Certification may be in Your Future
  4. Guardianship Helps Get Children into Permanent Homes
  5. Caring for Children with Emotional Disorders Increasingly Stressful
  6. Surrogate Fathers Act as Paternal Figures for Many Children
  7. New Federal Juvenile Justice Act Has Child Welfare System Implications


December 2002 21(10)

  1. Assessing and Treating Child Victims of Domestic Violence
  2. Corporal Punishment: Effects on Children and Links to Physical Abuse
  3. Basic Interviewing Principles in Child Sexual Abuse Cases
  4. Title IV-E: Facts and Tips


November 2002 21(9)

  1. Education Advocacy in Child Welfare Cases: Key Issues and Roles
  2. Dependency Mediation: Considerations When Referring Cases
  3. Culturally Sensitive Interviewing With Native Children
  4. HHS Issues Guidance on Interjurisdictional Adoption Violations


October 2002 21(8)

  1. Climbing the Learning Ladder
  2. The Power of Training in Child Welfare
  3. YOU’RE ON! Being an Effective Trainer


September 2002 21(7)

  1. Substance Abuse and Domestic Violence in the Child Welfare Context Where Do You Start?
  2. How a Gene May Protect Against Trauma, Violence, and Child Abuse
  3. The Unified Family Court: Preventative, Therapeutic and Restorative Justice for America’s Families
  4. Child and Family Services Reviews in Brief
  5. ABA Approves New Youth Policies


August 2002 21(6)

  1. The Road to Permanent resident Status for Undocumented Foster Children—Special Immigrant Juvenile Status
  2. Reconciling ASFA and ICWA
  3. Keeping Up with Peggy Mainor


July 2002 21(5)

  1. Interstate Placement: Applying the ICPC
  2. Promoting Good Practice: Maryland’s Approach
  3. Group Care: Good for Children?


June 2002 21(4)

  1. Making Sense of Drug Screening and Assessment Tools in Child Welfare Cases
  2. Ensuring the Healthy Development of Foster Children: A Guide for Judges, Advocates and Child Welfare Professionals
  3. Juvenile Death Penalty Project Seeks to End Juvenile Executions


May 2002 21(3)

  1. Reasonable Efforts to Finalize A Permanency Plan for "Another Planned Permanent Living Arrangement"
  2. Securing Permanency: Tools and Strategies
  3. A National View of Foster Children’s Well-being


April 2002 21(2)

  1. Strategies for Obtaining Voluntary Consents in Termination of Parental Rights Cases
  2. Bringing Psychological Services In-House
  3. Witnessing Violence Affects Children But Caregivers Aren’t Noticing
  4. The Client Quotient: Top 10 Rules of Effective Client Communication
  5. Determining the Burden of Proof in ASFA Hearings
  6. Gay Adoptions Provide Stability for Children


March 2002 21(1)

  1. Reasonable Efforts to Finalize a Permanency Plan for Relatives Placement
  2. The Capacity of a Mentally Retarded Parent to Consent to Adoption
  3. Many Fathers Caught in a Juggling Act
  4. ABA Policies Protect Children in New Ways
  5. New York City Ordered to Protect Nonabusive Battered Mothers and Children