Vol 20

February 2002 20(12)

  1. Court Collaboration in Family Violence Cases
  2. New Strategies in Adoption Recruitment


January 2002 20(11)

  1. Fighting for Balance: Tips for Representing Substance Abusing Parents
  2. Mentoring: Starting the New Year Right
  3. Nevada Legislators Step into Foster Parents’ Shoes, Children Benefit


December 2001 20(10)

  1. Incarcerated Parents: What You Should Know When Handling an Abuse or Neglect Case
  2. School- Based Legal Clinics: Staking a New Frontier
  3. Child Witness Q & A


November 2001 20(9)

  1. Reasonable Efforts to Finalize a Permanency Plan for Legal Guardianship
  2. Children Exposed to Parental Substance Abuse: Interventions
  3. Washington Child Welfare Agency Misuses Foster Children’s Social Security Funds
  4. When Reunification Efforts are Not Required


October 2001 20(8)

  1. Children Exposed to Parental Substance Abuse: The Impact
  2. Westside Mothers v. Haveman: Children’s Health Care Crisis
  3. The Constitutionality of TPR Statues Implementing ASFA
  4. The Divided Loyalties of the Attorney-GAL


September 2001 20(7)

  1. Appellate Advocacy Taking Your Case To A Higher Court
  2. Succeeding on Appeal: 5 Principles for Parents’ Attorneys in the ASFA Age
  3. An Insider’s Guide to Appeals in Dependency Cases


August 2001 20(6)

  1. Reasonable Efforts to Finalize A Permanency Plan for Adoption
  2. Changing the Face of Independent Living


July 2001 20(5)

  1. A Balanced Approach to Handling Domestic Violence in Child Welfare Cases
  2. The Contribution of Ethnographic Interviewing to Culturally Competent Practice
  3. When the Judge Declines to Follow ASFA
  4. Using Body Language That Kids Trust


June 2001 20(4)

  1. When Foster Care and Homelessness Intersect
  2. Reasonable Efforts to Finalize the Plan of Adoption: Termination of
  3. Parental Rights, the First Step
  4. Federal Efforts to Aid Children in the Justice System
  5. ASFA’s Compelling Reasons Requirement


May 2001 20(3)

  1. Reasonable Efforts to Finalize A Permanency Plan for Reunification
  2. You Want Me to . . . Mediate!?
  3. From Social Work to Law: A Conversation with Michelle Neumann-Ribner
  4. lexisOne; The New Internet Resource for Small Firm Attorneys and Solos
  5. Advocacy Challenge Legality of Home Loan Policy for Foster Parents


April 2001 20(2)

  1. Reasonable Efforts Under ASFA: The Judge’s Role in Determining the Permanency Plan
  2. TeamChild: Curbing Delinquency at its Roots


March 2001 20(1)

  1. Relapse and Recovery: Making Home Safe for Children
  2. When Your Client Has a Criminal Record and Wants to Foster or Adopt: Tips for Attorneys