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Five Year Index
Volumes 24 - 28
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"Additional Insured" Endorsements
Gary D. Nelson, Su '95 24:4 p. 28

24 Alter Ego Control Factors
Mark F. Rosenberg, Su '96 25:4 p. 64

Advantages and Disadvantages of Class Actions from a Plaintiff's Lawyer's Perspective
Kenneth S. Canfield, Su '99 28:4 p. 58

Affirmative Uses for the Corporate Designee DepositionWalt Auvil, F '98 28:1 p. 63

Aircraft Emergencies
James C. Wilson, Robert J. Gross, and Barry F. Benson, Su '95 24:4 p. 12

Alternative Billing Systems: Abandoning Time as a Measure of Value
Dianne K. Dailey, Stephen F. English, and Linda M. Bolduan, Sp '98 27:3 p. 44

Alternative Business Entities: What Are the D&O Insurance Issues?
Dan A. Bailey, W '98 27:2 p. 18

Anticipating Mass Toxics Cases in the Age of Self-Reporting
Joel R. Mosher and David E. Shay, F '94 24:1 p. 51

Appealing the Unappealable: Vacating Arbitration Awards
Marc S. Dobin, F '96 26:1 p. 69

Arbitrating Reinsurance Disputes
Eugene Jericho, F '94 24:1 p. 16

Attorney Malpractice: What It Is and How to Avoid It
Judith F. Goodman and Sue C. Jacobs, W '98 27:2 p. 30

Attorney's Right to a Bench Trial in Legal Malpractice Cases
Phillip E. Seltzer, W '98 27:2 p. 36

Auto Rental Insurance: Can Alamo Trump Allstate?
Richard Turbin, Su '97 26:4 p. 50

Blocking Statutes and Their Effect on American-Style Discovery Abroad
Gregory P. Sreenan and Jeffrey B. Shalek, F '95 25:1 p. 59

Business Interruption Coverage
Pamela Levin and Thomas H. Nienow, F '94 24:1 p. 30

Changing Remedies in Maritime Law, The
Whitney L. Cole, Sp '97 26:3 p. 42

Clergy Person's Breach of Confidentiality: Is It Actionable in Tort?
Lori R. Metz and Linda M. Bolduan, W '99 28:2 p. 24

Collateral: What to Take, How to Take It, and What to Do with It Once You Have It
Joseph T. Getz, Sp '99 28:3 p. 25

Conduct Unbecoming a Lawyer
Pamela J. White and Susan R. Matluck, Su '95 24:4 p. 16

Construction Industry, The: Coverage Issues Created by Claims Against Additional Insureds
Lisa Oonk, Su '99 28:4 p. 8

Control the High Cost of Experts
James R. Holmes, Sp '95 24:3 p. 58

Curse of the Unsick
Eric Watt Wiechmann, Su '96 25:4 p. 10

Dealing with Psychological Disabilities under the ADA
Harriet E. Cooperman, Su '98 27:4 p. 32

Defending Against the Emotional Distress Claim
Gregory C. Read, W '96 25:2 p. 14

Defending the Insured with Salaried Counsel: Legal and Ethical Considerations
Jeffrey W. Jackson and Roy Alan Cohen, W '98 27:2 p. 38

Defending the Volunteer Accused of Sexual Abuse
Stephen F. English, Sp '97 26:3 p. 33

Defense of Depositions Taken Abroad: Playing by the Rules
Lucy Isaki, W '96 25:2 p. 50

Deposing the Insurer: Practical and Strategic Considerations
Joel Gumbiner, W '98 27:2 p. 47

Discovery Abuse: "I Know It When I See It"
John R. Woodard III, W '97 26:2 p. 32

Do We Still Have Policy Limits?
Joyce C. Wang, Sp '96 25:3 p. 20

Economic Damages under the 1991 Civil Rights Act: The CPA as Expert Witness
Edward N. Tucker and Steven R. Freeman, F '94 24:1 p. 59

Educating the Court about the Business of Reinsurance
Jonathan F. Bank and Peter R. Chaffetz, F '94 24:1 p. 8

Emerging Primary and Excess Coverage Issues in Continuous Trigger Regimes
Donald C. Erickson, Su '99 28:4 p. 18

Employers' Liability Coverage for Disability Discrimination Under the ADA
Gary M. Peplow and Bradley S. McMillan, W '95 24:2 p. 22

ERISA Class Actions
Steuart H. Thomsen, Su '99 28:4 p. 36

Every Health Insurer's Litigation Nightmare: A Case Study of How One Class Action Affected the Business of One Health Insurer
Michael R. Pennington, Su '99 28:4 p. 46

Ex Parte Contacts with Former Employees: An Update on Rule 4.2 of the Model Rules of Professional Conduct
Mark A. Buchanan, W '99 28:2 p. 48

Federal and State Insurance Issues for the Trucking Industry
Robert T. Franklin and Sue Lawless, Su '97 26:4 p. 26

FELA: An Overview
Gary F. Easom, F '97 27:1 p. 49

Fidelity Loss Investigation in a Regulated Industry, The
Scott D. Baron, Sp '99 28:3 p. 12

Forum Selection as a Threshold Issue
Jill A. Douthett, F '95 25:1 p. 14

General Electric v. Joiner and Kumho Tire v. Carmichael: The Ipse Dixit Twins
Robert P. Redemann, Su '99 28:4 p. 54

Genetic Testing in Life and Disability Insurance
Wendy L. McGoodwin, F '98 28:1 p. 24

Health Insurance Fraud: Fighting Back
Steven P. Del Mauro, W '97 26:2 p. 10

How to Avoid a Fee Dispute with Your Client
James P. Schratz and Susan R. Brown, W '97 26:2 p. 59

How to Be a Good Friend to the Court: Strategic Use of Amicus Briefs
Reagan Wm. Simpson, Sp '99 28:3 p. 38

How to Prepare and Present a Fidelity Claim: Advice for the Insured
Mark E. Wilson, Sp '99 28:3 p. 54

Impact of the ADA on Life, Health, and Disability Insurance
Chrys A. Martin and Linda Bolduan, Su '98 27:4 p. 14

Impact on a Civil Case of Criminal Charges Against a Truck Driver
Henry J. Mittelstaedt III, Su '97 26:4 p. 54

Importance of Being Diverse, The
Barbara E. Hermansen, F '95 25:1 p. 20

In Whose Interest? The Return of the Injured Athlete to Competition
Stewart E. Niles Jr. and Roderick K. West, Sp '96 25:3 p. 8

Innovative Trial Techniques
Reagan W. Simpson and Cynthia A. Leiferman, F '96 26:1 p. 20

Insurance Agent's Duty to Advise, An
C. Edward Speidel, W '95 24:2 p. 32

Insurance Company Insolvencies
Paul M. Gulko, F '97 27:1 p. 18

Insurance Coverage Actions: Who, Where, and When to Sue
Steven R. Gilford and Robert M. Fogler, F '96 26:1 p. 32

Insurance Coverage for Class Action Discrimination Lawsuits
Dennis M. Cusack, Sp '96 25:3 p. 55

Insurer's Liability for Insured's Attorney's Fees in Declaratory Judgment Actions
Floyd A. Wisner, F '98 28:1 p. 58

Insuring Software Developers at Home and in Cyberspace: The Plaintiff's Perspective
Craig E. Stewart, Harvey Nosowitz, and Rainer L.C. Frost, W '99 28:2 p. 10

Intellectual Property and Insurance: A Valuable Asset and a Lurking Liability
Kay Millonzi and William G. Passannante, Sp '98 27:3 p. 40

Intellectual Property Disputes: Malpractice Potential and the Need for Insurance Coverage Counsel
David Gauntlett, Sp '98 27:3 p. 49

Interactivity as a Measure of Personal Jurisdiction
Charles J. Glasser Jr., F '98 28:1 p. 54

Interstate Compacts for Insurance Receiverships
Alan N. Gamse, F '97 27:1 p. 19

Intervention, Interpleader, and Defense and Indemnity Agreements
Donna Willis Darroch and Darren W. Penn, Su '95 24:4 p. 22

Is Depression Disabling America's Group Insurance Plans? Mental Health Benefit Parity and the ADA
Allison C. Blakley, Su '98 27:4 p. 40

Judicial Refusal to Apply ERISA Preemption to Tort Actions Against Health Care Providers
Stephen D. Kinnard, W '97 26:2 p. 24

Legal Implications of Marketing Insurance over the Internet
Dana L. Drape, Sp '98 27:3 p. 24

Lessons from Cyberspace and Outerspace: The Scientology Cases
Natalie Hanlon-Leh, Su '98 27:4 p. 48

Liability of Directors and Officers for Environmental Problems
Wayne E. Borgeest and Julianna Ryan, W '95 24:2 p. 48

Light at the End of the Tunnel? Strategies for Recovery under the ADA
Cynthia A. Leiferman, Su '98 27:4 p. 22

Litigating Accidental Shooting Cases against Gunmakers: A Working Model
Jonathan E. Lowy, Sp '99 28:3 p. 68

Litigation Cost Crisis, The: Is There a Professional in the House?
Mitchell A. Orpett, F '98 28:1 p. 32

Look at Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Issues, A
Gordon R. Broom and Thomas Scott Stewart, Su '97 26:4 p. 34

Material Misrepresentation Defense, The
Jay S. Blumenkopf and Brenda A. Friedman, W '98 27:2 p. 58

Mediation of Sexual Harassment Claims
Margaret J. Grover, Sp '95 24:3 p. 55

Missing or Altered Product, The: Nightmare or Dream?
David H. Canter, W '98 27:2 p. 12

New Approach in ADR: A Mini-Trial at Trial, A
Jeffrey B. Gold, Su '95 24:4 p. 77

New Developments under the Americans with Disabilities Act
Bradford B. Ingram and Steven C. Rahn, W '99 28:2 p. 39

New Trends in Long-Tail Torts
M. Elizabeth Medaglia and H. Bryan Brewer III, Sp '97 26:3 p. 10

Noncompetition Agreements between Attorneys
John D. Daniels, W '98 27:2 p. 24

Oral Argument from a Practitioner's Point of View
Karen L. Kendall, Sp '97 26:3 p. 54

Outsourcer's Apprentice, The
Carol A. Pisano, Su '97 26:4 p. 12

Overview of Insurance Agent/Broker Liability, An
Barbara A. O'Donnell, Su '96 25:4 p. 34

Overview of the State Insurance Receivership System, An
Francine L. Semaya and Lenore S. Marema, F '97 27:1 p. 12

Parent, Successor, and Alter Ego Liability Concerns in the Transactional Setting
Mark F. Rosenberg, Su '96 25:4 p. 28

Partnering at Trial between In-House and Outside Counsel
Robert L. Haig and John P. Marshall, W '96 25:2 p. 20

Pitfalls for In-House Counsel
Harry S. Hardin, III, and Andrew R. Lee, W '96 25:2 p. 32

Post-Appraisal Litigation Issues
Brian C. Powers and Les C. Shields, F '96 26:1 p. 26

Practical Aspects of Presenting and Excluding Expert Evidence
Andrew J. McElaney Jr., W '97 26:2 p. 40

Practical Issues Relating to Insurance Coverage for Employment Litigation
Larry M. Golub, F '96 26:1 p. 58

Prematurity of Declaratory Judgment Actions
Alan M. Posner, F '95 25:1 p. 15

Preserving Appellate Issues
Eric J. Magnuson and Michael J. McGuire, F '95 25:1 p. 48

Primer for Successive Awards in Workers' Compensation, A
William R. Levasseur, W '99 28:2 p. 38

Privacy in the Workplace Is a Sometime Thing
Leo F. Hannon, Sp '95 24:3 p. 26

Professional Liability Insurance Issues for Lawyers Sitting on Corporate Boards
Mary E. McCutcheon, W '96 25:2 p. 8

Proportionate Liability, Contribution, and Indemnification under the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act
Michael L. Charlson, F '98 28:1 p. 42

Protecting the Corporate Executive from Deposition
Thomas R. Gottshall, W '98 27:2 p. 53

Psychiatrist as Witness, The
Michael K. Spodak, M.D., Su '98 27:4 p. 64

Raising and Preserving Federal Questions in State Court Cases
Michael J. Wahoske, W '97 26:2 p. 54

Refuting Damages in a Personal Injury Case
Kevin Campbell and Bradley C. Nahrstadt, Sp '95 24:3 p. 8

Relationship Between Alternative Markets and Reinsurers, The: The Reinsurance Perspective
M. Patricia Casey, Su '99 28:4 p. 26

Resolving Life Insurer Insolvencies Efficiently
Jack H. Blaine, F '97 27:1 p. 40

Restricting Lawyers' Solicitation of Victims
Scott R. Bickford and Paula Hamilton Lee, F '95 25:1 p. 8

Reverse Bad Faith
Marjie D. Barrows, Su '96 25:4 p. 16

Reves v. Ernst & Young: A Blueprint to Limit Civil RICO's Reach
William V. Dalferes Jr., W '95 24:2 p. 10

Sample Complaint Against Software Developers
Craig E. Stewart and Harvey Nosowitz, W '99 28:2 p. 18

Sanctions Against a Foreign Party for Failure to Produce Discovery
Thomas J. Magee, W '96 25:2 p. 53

Self-Analysis Privilege: Obscuring the Truth but Safeguarding Improvement?, The
Michael J. Holland, F '95 25:1 p. 52

Some Reflections on Change--and Professionalism
Martin L. Karp, Su '95 24:4 p. 9

State-by-State Trigger of Coverage Survey
Marc S. Maister, Sp '96 25:3 p. 45

Summary Judgments in Financial Institution Bond Litigation
Michael J. Weber and James A. Knox Jr., F '94 24:1 p. 22

Sureties' Claims for Negligence
Jerome M. Joseph, W '95 24:2 p. 16

Surety's Rights to Obtain Salvage, The: Exoneration, Reimbursement, Subrogation, and Contribution
George J. Bachrach, Sp '99 28:3 p. 24

Takeover and Completion of Bonded Contracts by the Surety
Bruce C. King, F '97 27:1 p. 22

Taking the Plaintiff/Insured's Deposition in a Property Insurance Case
Clayton H. Farnham, F '97 27:1 p. 48

Tax Treatment of Litigation Payments
Robert W. Wood, W '95 24:2 p. 53

Technology and the Insurance Industry in the Year 2000: Cyberians at the Gate?
Richard M. Bouhan, Sp '98 27:3 p. 16

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly about Joint Defense
Scott M. Seaman and Rebecca Levy Sachs, F '98 28:1 p. 12

The Gray Areas of Default
Shannon J. Briglia and James H. Holl III, F '97 27:1 p. 32

Third Party Sexual Harassment: Duties and Liabilities of Employers
Karen Kaplowitz and Donald P. Harris, Sp '97 26:3 p. 32

Third-Party Liability Policies: The Concurrent Causation Doctrine and Pollution Exclusions
Francis J. MacLaughlin, Sp '95 24:3 p. 20

Thoracic Outlet Syndrome: An Overview for Attorneys
Richard E. Slaney, Sp '96 25:3 p. 61

Trial Evidence in Psychological Injury Cases
Peter B. Silvain, Ph.D., Su '98 27:4 p. 60

Trial Lawyers and the Error-in-Judgment Immunity Rule
Phillip E. Seltzer, Su '97 26:4 p. 22

Trigger of Coverage: A Contract Approach
Marc S. Maister, Sp '96 25:3 p. 14

Tripartite Ethics
Jill B. Berkeley, Sp '97 26:3 p. 22

Truck Drivers' Failure to Cooperate after a Claim Is Made: Effects of the MCS-90 Endorsement
Eugene G. Beckham and Robert J. Beckham Jr., W '99 28:2 p. 51

Twice Bitten: Violations of Ethical Rules as Evidence of Legal Malpractice
Douglas L. Christian and Michael Christian, Sp '99 28:3 p. 62

Violence Against Women in the Workplace
William R. Levasseur, F '96 26:1 p. 14

What Plaintiffs' Lawyers Should Know Before They Mediate
Fletcher Dal Handley Jr., Su '96 25:4 p. 70

What You Say Can Hurt You: Communications with Participants of Employee Benefit Plans Regulated by ERISA
Linda E. Rosenzweig, W '99 28:2 p. 32

What's New in Unfair Claims Practices
Thomas J. Minton, Su '96 25:4 p. 22

When Insurers Go Broke
E. Preston Rutledge, Sp '95 24:3 p. 14

Who Is Necessary? Who Is Indispensable?
Terrence E. Kiwala, Sp '95 24:3 p. 50

Who Pays? When May the Defaulting Liability Insurer Contest the Subsequent Settlement of Claims against Its Insured?
Richard L. Neumeier, W '97 26:2 p. 18

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