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A Practice Area to Which Corporate Counsel Should Pay More Attention

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A Practice Area to Which Corporate Counsel Should Pay More Attention

This article explains why corporate counsel needs to pay critical attention to the quality of its information, knowledge, and expertise, including that which walks out its door each day in the heads of its employees, sometimes never to return.

An April 2017 ruling from the Northern District of California gives standing to indirect purchasers—those who invest in a fund that in turn purchases securities from a company—to sue that company under the California securities laws. This article examines the ruling and the far-reaching implications it may pose for private companies and the funds that invest in them.

This month’s column considers whether an operating or partnership agreement can delineate the implied contractual obligation, again comparing ULLCA and the Delaware Act, and then warns of the dangers of carelessly imposing by contract an express requirement of “good faith.”

Kevin Johnson spent nearly 20 years in the banking and financial services industry, so when he went back to law school, he knew exactly what kind of law he wanted to practice and where he wanted to work. He’s now an attorney in the Administrative Law Division of the National Credit Union Administration, with a focus on privacy law. He’s been very involved with the ABA, serving as the National Chair of the ABA Law Student Division, for which he received the ABA Law Student Division Gold Key Award, in honor of his high degree of service, dedication and leadership.

This month’s “Inside Business Law” highlights recent and upcoming non-CLE webinars, with descriptions and links to each.



The September issue of Business Law Today will feature topics and advice for business lawyers such as smart contracts, what structured negotiation can offer business attorneys, shareholder activism, and more.

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