January-February 2013

Campaigning for justice: Bars support judiciary, tackle tough issues in Election 2012


Campaigning for justice: Bars support judiciary, tackle tough issues in Election 2012

Between hot-button social issues, challenges to merit selection, and other attempts to change the process of judicial election or selection, Election 2012 was a particularly active one for many bar associations. What was on the ballot in some states, and how did bar associations get their message out? And which bar took to the road … in an advertising truck and a minivan?

When Superstorm Sandy hit, it challenged bar associations in East Coast states—not only to respond effectively to the legal needs and other concerns in their area, but also to renew their efforts when it comes to disaster planning. Several staff and elected bar leaders share their experiences and what they think their next steps will be as the long recovery process continues.

Looking for more information about Superstorm Sandy and how bar associations responded? Here are a few helpful online resources.

New lawyers and solo and small-firm practitioners often lack sufficient mentoring and other guidance—and even experienced lawyers need a hand at times, when it comes to professionalism. Here’s an inside look at some award-winning professionalism programs your bar can replicate … and information on how to enter an exemplary program for this year’s ABA E. Smythe Gambrell Professionalism Awards.

How did they do that? Those involved with Gambrell-winning professionalism programs offer more details and tips, in hopes that you’ll replicate their projects in your area.

In any CLE session or other gathering of lawyers, what will you see? Most likely, lots of people tapping and swiping on smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices. This article explores how some bars are optimizing their web content so it looks as good and works as well on today’s smaller screens as it does on laptops and desktops.


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