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Volume 25, Number 2 of The Air & Space Lawyer features the following articles: 

  • Jeanne O’Grady of Speiser Krause offers a rebuttal to the cover article from our previous issue, which proposed that Congress should establish a privilege for information provided under the FAA’s ASAP program. Jeanne argues that such a privilege is not necessary to promote safety and would undermine plaintiffs’ ability to obtain recourse for damages suffered due to aviation incidents and accidents.
  • Tom Jerman of Jones Day and Aparna Joshi of O’Melveny & Myers examine legal aspects of seniority integration of employees following a U.S. airline merger.
  • Alan Hernandez of Wiley Rein analyzes the implications for export credit financing of recently enacted legislation reauthorizing the U.S. Export-Import Bank.
  • Diane Howard of McGill University’s Institute of Air and Space Law examines the issue of informed consent of commercial human spaceflight participants, from the spaceport perspective.
  • Our interview subject for this issue is NTSB General Counsel David Tochen.

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