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The Affiliate, Volume 36, Number 1, September/October 2010, You Made It to Partner/In-House Counsel! Now What?

Kate Ferro is an Assistant Editor of The Affiliate and a Shareholder in the Miami, Florida, office of Fowler White Burnet, P.A.





You Made It to Partner/In-House Counsel! Now What?

By Kate Ferro

If you are about become a new law firm partner or in-house counsel, chances are your level of responsibility is about to skyrocket. And the question is: What happens when partnership, the goal you worked so hard for, is finally here? Where can you learn about your new duties? What happens when that in-house counsel position becomes a reality, and you are now in charge of overseeing both junior staff attorneys and outside counsel? The ABA YLD has your answer: The New Partner and In-House Counsel Conference.

Create Your Future
On February 25–26, 2011, at the Four Seasons Hotel in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the ABA YLD will hold its first conference dedicated to helping you “Create Your Future.” The conference will be intentionally small, with attendance limited to about 150 people to make the experience personal and interactive and ensure one-on-one interaction and a meaningful learning experience.

As Dan McKenna, New Partner and In-House Counsel Conference Coordinator, explains, “The dynamics change when you become a partner or go in-house. In some cases team membership transforms into project management. In others, the ethical considerations of marketing come to the forefront. In yet others, client development becomes much more than relationships and good work. We have created an educational conference dedicated to addressing the needs of new partners and new in-house counsel.”

Speakers will include partners, general counsels, assistant counsels, associate counsels, and deputy counsels from large corporations. Other, nonlegal speakers will include firm coordinators, such as diversity or pro bono coordinators, who use nonlegal skills for marketing. In addition, participants will interact with practice management specialists who will discuss the ethics of marketing.

In developing the conference, the ABA YLD consulted practitioners, ABA YLD members, the ABA YLD programming board, members of others ABA entities, and law firm training coordinators to create a useful, timely program covering issues that will interest and educate new partners and new in-house counsel. The programming will include the following topics:

  1. challenges facing new corporate counsel and new partners,
  2. work and expectation management,
  3. ethics,
  4. business development,
  5. marketing,
  6. networking,
  7. firm management,
  8. transition from worker to project manager, and
  9. compensation.

Although panelists and two lunch-keynote speakers will present these topics, discussions, and learning will continue in interactive roundtable discussions. Dan McKenna emphasizes that the point of the conference is to create forward thinking programming that is interactive and engaging for participants. On the first day, participants will have eight programming options. On the second day, participants will have five more.

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