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The Affiliate, Volume 36, Number 1, September/October 2010, Your Affiliate Needs You to Read This Newsletter: Here's Why!

Maria Vittoria “Guigi” Carminati is the Editor of The Affiliate and a Litigation Associate in the Houston, Texas, office of Weil, Gotshal & Manges LLP.




Your Affiliate Needs You to Read This Newsletter: Here's Why!

By Maria Vittoria "Giugi" Carminati

You are an affiliate leader. And you are reading this newsletter. You just made an excellent leadership decision. Just like me, your inbox fills with (literally) piles of bar literature. So why should you take the time to read this one? Because you and your affiliate have one thing in common: your success depends on your ability to offer your members and your communities high-quality member service and public service projects. But to do that, both you and your affiliate face several challenges: (1) finding new ideas, (2) overcoming unforeseen challenges, (3) foreseeing the amount of time and manpower required, (4) budgeting for projects, and (5) knowing how to reach the greatest number of people to make the benefits worth the investment. The Affiliate can help you in all those areas.

Project Ideas and How to Implement Them
First, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Affiliates all over the country routinely implement successful projects. The Affiliate brings those ideas, and those projects, to your inbox. Second, our articles discuss project challenges, time and manpower requirements, budgets, and participation figures. Armed with such knowledge, affiliate leaders such as yourself can implement projects, armed with a guide. And if the articles are not enough, The Affiliate brings you the names of people who have been in your shoes, who are in your shoes, that leaders such as yourself can use as resources.

The ABA YLD publishes The Affiliate six times a year. The Affiliate features several regular articles: an affiliate spotlight, a young lawyer spotlight, an article about the Affiliate Assistance Team, an article about a particularly successful public service project, an article about an ABA YLD public service project, and “Around the Country . . . ,” a multi-state feature that highlights projects from all over the nation. You will know what there is to know about affiliate and ABA YLD projects all over the nation, in just one read.

Sharing Ideas
But, you may ask, what if you already have projects for the year? The Affiliate is still an excellent resource. First, you can contact us and ask us to write about your particular project or affiliate. If you have developed a successful project or if your affiliate routinely implements numerous successful projects, other leaders around the country want to read about it. Second, a successful project can always be improved or expanded. And again, what may have begun as a mentoring lunch in your affiliate may be a regular judicial lunch in another state. A yearly sporting event in your affiliate can be expanded into a major yearly fundraiser, if implemented correctly. The Affiliate ensures the flow of information between affiliates and to and from the ABA YLD, ensuring that leaders have an easy source for new ideas.

In the end, your term as a leader will be defined by how much you were able to achieve, with limited human and financial resources. The Affiliate allows you to stretch your dollars and your manpower and make both old and new projects a reason to be proud of your service to the bar and to your community.

Recognizing Affiliates Work
The newsletter’s feature articles detail successful affiliate programs that benefit the public and/or an affiliate’s young lawyer members. In this issue, for example The Affiliate features a public service project bringing together high school students and young lawyers for a diversity summit, the ABA YLD’s New Partner Initiative, aimed at helping young lawyers transitioning to partnership, and disaster preparedness for young lawyers. The purpose of these features is to both recognize affiliate work and share ideas to facilitate affiliate leaders’ tasks.

In addition, The Affiliate will bring you: (1) the ABA YLD calendar, (2) relevant ABA YLD deadlines, (3) recaps of ABA YLD meetings, and (4) previews of upcoming ABA YLD meetings. All in all, you will have the information necessary to interface with the ABA YLD and all that it has to offer your affiliate.

To make certain we keep bringing young lawyer leaders the best and most useful information possible, we need your help. Let us know if you

  • know of news, resources, or other information that would be of interest to other affiliates;
  • have a question/issue that should be discussed (for example, how to get funding for programs, how to increase membership, how to work with other local/state bars, and so on);
  • know of a successful program or project that we should highlight, whether it is
    • public service,
    • member service, or
    • pro bono;
  • know a young lawyer affiliate leader who should be profiled; or
  • believe your affiliate should be profiled.

You can do this by contacting me directly at