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The Affiliate, Volume 36, Number 1, September/October 2010, Election Notice

Krima D. Shah is an Assistant Editor of The Affiliate and in private practice in Ridgefield Park, New Jersey.  





Election Notice

By Krima D. Shah

The ABA Young Lawyers Division (ABA YLD) will elect its 2010–2011 officers and other representatives at the ABA Annual Meeting on August 7, 2010, in San Francisco, California. The officers and representatives being elected include the Chair-Elect, Secretary-Treasurer, Assembly Speaker, Assembly Clerk, two delegates to the ABA House of Delegates, and the Division’s nominee for the Young Lawyer Member-at-Large position on the ABA Board of Governors.

Uncontested candidates for office include:

Chair—David B. Wolfe, Livingston, New Jersey
Chair-Elect—Michael G. Bergmann, Chicago, Illinois
Secretary-Treasurer—Christopher A. Rogers, Dallas, Texas
Assembly Speaker—Carlos A. Escurel, Detroit, Michigan
Assembly Clerk—Latanishia D. Watters, Birmingham, Alabama
House of Delegates Representatives—Kelly-Ann Clarke, Galveston, Texas, and Ethan Tidmore, Birmingham, Alabama
Board of Governors Representative (Nominee for the Young Lawyer Member-at-Largeposition)—Michael Pellicciotti, Seattle, Washington

Election Procedures
Each summer the ABA YLD elects its officers and other representatives for the coming bar year at the ABA Annual Meeting. Eligible individuals must submit their candidacy by written notice to the Secretary-Treasurer, with a copy to the Assembly Speaker and to the Deputy Staff Director, by the Assembly’s adjournment at the ABA Midyear Meeting. The written notice must specify a single position sought. There is no special form. It is suggested that it simply identify the candidate (by name, address, and telephone number) and say, “Please accept this letter as my written notice of candidacy for [title].”

The ABA YLD Assembly elects four officers (Chair-Elect, Secretary-Treasurer, Assembly Speaker, and Assembly Clerk), seven constitutional representatives (four delegates to the ABA House of Delegates, one representative to the ABA Nominating Committee, and two Young Lawyer Member-at-Large Representatives to the ABA Board of Governors).

Position Title Term Next Vote Incumbent
OfficerChair-ElectOne year, then one year as Chair2011Michael G. Bergmann
OfficerSecretary-TreasurerOne year2011Christopher A. Rogers
OfficerAssembly SpeakerOne year2011Carlos A. Escurel
OfficerAssembly ClerkOne year2011Latanishia Watters
Constitutional RepresentativeABA Board of Governors (2)Three years, after year as nominee2011Jonathan W. Wolfe
2012Kendyl Hanks
OtherABA Board of Governors Nominee (1)One year, then three years on the Board2012Michael Pellicciotti
Constitutional RepresentativeABA Nominating CommitteeThree years2011Ryan C. Reed
Constitutional RepresentativeABA House of Delegates (4)Three years2011Justin Goldstein
2012Elizabeth Acee
2013Kelly-Ann Clarke
2013Ethan Tidmore

Eligibility for Office
No person is eligible for candidacy unless he or she (1) has been a member of the Division since the preceding Annual Meeting, (2) registered for and attended the preceding Annual or Midyear Meeting or at least one national conference since the preceding Annual Meeting, and (3) attends the election, unless excused.

  1. Officers. No person is eligible as an officer unless he or she can and does continue as a Division member throughout his or her term (including, in the case of the Chair-Elect, the ensuing term of the Chair).
  2. Constitutional Representatives. No person shall be eligible as a constitutional representative unless he or she is a Division member when his or her term begins, or otherwise satisfies the constitutional qualifications. For the ABA Board of Governors, the term does not begin until the Annual Meeting after the Division “elects” its nominee.

Tracks to Leadership
Please keep in mind that the Division Bylaws govern elections; the provisions that relate to the eligibility for office, candidacy, and elections appear in Articles VI–VIII. The Division also has adopted election guidelines. Candidates for the “entry-level” positions—Secretary-Treasurer, Assembly Clerk, ABA Board of Governors representative, ABA Nominating Committee member, and Delegates to the ABA House of Delegates—have typically held one or more nationally elected positions or several senior appointments at the national level, before seeking election. These customs, however, are merely customs, not rules, and any eligible person can run for any available position. Several positions customarily follow certain “tracks” within the ABA YLD leadership:

  1. The Chair is customarily elected to the ABA House of Delegates.
  2. The Secretary-Treasurer customarily succeeds the Chair-Elect.
  3. The Assembly Clerk customarily succeeds the Assembly Speaker.

In addition to elected positions there are many other ways to get involved in the Division:

  1. Appointments: There are literally hundreds of appointments at the national level, ranging from committee membership (flexible time commitment) to committee planning boards (a few hours monthly) to directors (significant time commitment).
  2. Committees: Membership is free for ABA YLD members and offers the opportunity to exchange ideas and gain insights from other lawyers who share your interests and expertise. It also allows you to receive timely information on developments in your practice area. ABA YLD members can join a committee at any time.
  3. Affiliates: The Division consists of more than 300 affiliated state, local, and specialty young lawyer bar organizations, each of which also affords opportunities for young lawyer leadership at the state or local level. Many (probably most) ABA YLD leaders come from the ranks of affiliate leaders.

Please contact the ABA YLD Administrator Bill Stanton, , with questions.