Affiliate Assistance Team Can Help
By Amy Osteryoung
Amy Osteryoung is an Associate Editor of The Affiliate and is a principal in the St. Augustine, Florida, firm of Johnson & Osteryoung.
The Affiliate Assistance Team worked incredibly hard last year, helping young lawyer groups around the country to grow and succeed. This year, the Team is expanding by leaps and bounds, increasing the resources it offers and spreading the word about its ability to help out even more affiliates this coming year.
What Affiliate Assistance Means
For those who haven’t already worked with the Affiliate Assistance Team, it is a ready resource that offers affiliates assistance in designing and implementing bar programs and projects, help in structuring and organizing an affiliate, and provides resources for affiliate leaders to use in developing the professional skills and abilities of affiliate members. The Team works with affiliates to devise solutions, offer resources, and/or implement new programs specifically tailored to an affiliate’s situation. The Team can provide written materials, make contact with outside agencies or the senior bar, and/or participate via conference call in an affiliate’s bar meeting.
This year the Team will continue to assist in the ABA YLD’s successful outreach to affiliates, from teleconference opportunities to one-on-one conference calls with affiliate leaders, and can assist bar leaders in implementing the ABA YLD’s public service initiative, They Had a Dream Too along side the Public Service Team.
The Affiliate Assistance Team has the essence of the ABA YLD behind it. With the ever-changing needs of lawyers and ABA YLD affiliates, the Team is designed for the betterment of these individual, yet connected, societies of legal minds. Wherever help is needed, the Affiliate Assistance Team is simply a request away.
How Affiliate Assistance Works
For example, if an affiliate is seeking a good public service or member service project, the Team can provide information on what other bar organizations have done and with what level of success. If an affiliate wants to implement a specific program, but lacks resources, the Team can provide information about proven fundraising techniques and also about working with other bar organizations for a broader project and sharing of resources, resulting in helping more people—which is the ultimate goal of the Team.
You may be looking for a comprehensive list of what the Team can do for your affiliate, but that simply isn’t how it works. The Team is flexible and provides a wide range of information, resources, and creative solutions. If your affiliate has a question, challenge, or problem, you are encouraged to seek advice and help from the Affiliate Assistance Team.
In short, the Team is willing to aid in any facet of the workings within the ABA YLD. Best of all, affiliate assistance is FREE—it’s part of being an affiliate!
The Affiliate Assistance Team Website
Of particular benefit to many affiliate leaders are the resources offered on the Team’s website at For instance, the “Bar Leader Toolkit” is a basic handbook on a variety of governance-related topics. There are also links to conference information and conference funding available for affiliate leaders.
The Team’s website also highlights upcoming subgrant offerings—grant monies available to affiliates for specific projects. There are also Awards of Achievement, which recognize successful affiliate projects at the national level. The Team is always looking for more affiliate initiatives to spotlight, so if you have a project you believe should be recognized, please go to the website to learn about the nomination process.
This year, the Team hopes to increase the substantive material available on its website. The Team encourages affiliate leaders to contact Team members if they are seeking material not yet available on the website.
Affiliate Assistance Goals This Year
The Affiliate Assistance Team works closely with the Member Service Coordinator to develop valuable programming for affiliates to use remotely or to attend live at ABA YLD national conferences. This year, the Team is working to coordinate roundtable discussions among affiliate leaders to discuss pertinent topics, from governance to how to increase membership and obtain funding in today’s economy.
The Team also is working to host a discussion for affiliate representatives and senior bar members that focuses on an affiliate’s relationships with its senior bar. In addition, the Team hopes to showcase various successful affiliate projects and provide materials so your affiliate can implement the same programming.
The ABA YLD is always looking to affiliate with new state or local young lawyers organizations. If you know of any organization that is not yet affiliated with the ABA YLD, the website explains how to get people or groups to join.