Why You Need to Read The Affiliate
By Jill M. Kastner
Jill M. Kastner is the Editor of The Affiliate and General Counsel of BallparkHomerun.com in Glendale, Wisconsin.
If you’re like me, you get tons of legal material to read every week—from state and local bar newsletters to substantive law publications. Who has time to read it all? I know I don’t. But there are certain publications that, as a leader of your affiliate, you need to read. The Affiliate is one of them.
Why, you ask.
Because unlike other publications, The Affiliate is specifically designed to provide valuable information important to young lawyer leaders—such as  information on resources available to affiliates; news about successful public service, member service, and pro bono projects that other groups have done and that your affiliate may want to consider or learn from; advice on key issues, like how to increase membership, obtain sponsorships and funding, and work with other bar organizations; and information about ABA YLD meetings, projects, and resources offered to affiliates.
In short, The Affiliate is the preeminent how-to guide for young lawyer bar leaders.
Each issue of The Affiliate will provide a sampling of affiliate projects, programs, and events in the “Around the Country” section. The Affiliate also will include features about member service and/or public service programs being put on by affiliates and spotlight the work of a specific affiliate and/or affiliate leader.
The feature articles will go into the details of a successful affiliate program that benefits the public and/or an affiliate’s young lawyer members. In this issue, The Affiliate features member service projects aimed at helping lawyers in these difficult economic times and disaster legal services training aimed at helping victims of a natural disaster. The purpose of these features is to both acknowledge the great work affiliates do and, more importantly, to share these ideas with other affiliate leaders who may want to implement similar programs in their areas.
The spotlight articles will discuss how affiliates and their leaders have overcome challenges and made their affiliates and programs successful. Like the feature articles, these serve the dual purpose of recognizing a leader or affiliate for their great work and accomplishments and also inspiring other leaders and affiliates to follow in their footsteps.
Each issue of The Affiliate also will include an article providing advice that affiliates should find useful. Either the article will answer a question posed by an affiliate leader or it will describe how to successfully overcome a challenge faced by many affiliates.
Every issue also will include the latest news about the ABA YLD—its conferences, programs, and resources it offers affiliates, particularly through the Affiliate Assistance Team.
To make certain we keep bringing young lawyer leaders the best and most useful information possible, we need your help. Let us know if you
  • know of news, resources, or other information that would be of interest to other affiliates;
  • have a question/issue that should be discussed (for example, how to get funding for programs, how to increase membership, how to work with other local/state bars, and so on);
  • know of a successful program or project that we should highlight, whether it is
         —public service,
         —member service, or
         —pro bono;
  • know a young lawyer affiliate leader who should be profiled; or
  • believe your affiliate should be profiled.
You can do this by contacting me directly at jmkastner@gmail.com.