The Affiliate is a newsletter and resource guide for the ABA YLD and its bar leaders, and one can hardly think of a better model for such leaders to follow than that employed by members of the California Young Lawyers Association (CYLA) who felt the future of their young lawyer association was in question.
More than a year ago, young lawyers from the CYLA, one of the ABA YLD’s largest affiliated young lawyer organizations, turned to the ABA YLD for assistance because they were concerned that their organization was in jeopardy. The ABA YLD offered its assistance to the CYLA through its affiliate structure. Throughout the year, several members of the ABA YLD’s leadership and the ABA YLD Staff Director spoke to members of the State Bar of California in support of the CYLA, to identify the importance and benefits of maintaining a separate and distinct place for young lawyers within the “big bar.” As a direct result of these extensive and invaluable discussions, summarized in part by Dadie Perlov’s final report, the State Bar of California came to better understand the views of the CYLA, and ultimately voted to double its funding for 2009 as well as to support several other initiatives to sustain the state’s young lawyer association.
The success story of the CYLA showcases the significance of the ABA YLD in serving as the umbrella organization for young lawyer associations nationwide and exemplifies the ABA YLD’s value to its member network. To the extent that the CYLA turned to the ABA YLD for guidance in its time of need, the ABA YLD fulfilled its mission, and that is the story we believe is worth sharing with The Affiliate’s readership. Disagreement over how a particular author chose to recount CYLA’s tale instead of focusing on its happy ending seems to miss the mark of what this publication stands for.
Rachel E. Kopp, 2007–2008 Editor
Mercedes Pino, 2008–2009 Editor