Questions and Challenges?
Call the Affiliate Assistance Team for Help
By Jaye Rancourt
Jaye Rancourt is the ABA YLD Affiliate Assistance Team Director and practices with the Manchester, New Hampshire, firm of Brennan Caron Lenehan & Iacopino.
Congratulations, you have ascended through the ranks of your ABA Young Lawyers Division (ABA YLD) affiliate to assume your leadership role. Now what? How do you motivate your members and fellow leadership? How do you plan and implement successful CLE programs and public service initiatives? Maybe you are facing the huge challenge of reorganizing your affiliate. Maybe you are attempting to create a long-range plan for your affiliate. If you have these questions and/or are facing these challenges and need some help and guidance, the Affiliate Assistance Team of the ABA YLD can help.
The Affiliate Assistance Team is a group of past, present, and aspiring young lawyer leaders who work together to offer assistance and support to the over 300 young lawyer affiliates of the ABA YLD. The Affiliate Assistance Team offers support, materials, leadership training, and networking opportunities with other young lawyer leaders to help you be successful in your leadership role. We provide these services in three basic ways: (1) leadership training at each ABA YLD conference; (2) resources provided through the Affiliates page of the ABA YLD website; and (3) meetings via telephone or at conferences with members of the Affiliate Assistance Team.
We offer these services and resources to every ABA YLD affiliate regardless of size, organizational structure, or funding source. We are flexible and are able to structure our assistance and support to meet the unique characteristics and needs of each YLD affiliate. We also assist young lawyer organizations in becoming affiliates of the ABA YLD.
At each ABA YLD conference the Affiliate Assistance Team will provide leadership training programs. At the Fall Conference in San Diego, the Affiliate Assistance Team will host two programs for young bar leaders. The first program is entitled “Hit the Ground Running: How to Start Your Bar Leadership Year Off Right.” This program will provide insight from current and former young bar leaders about how to run effective meetings, how to implement successful public service projects, how to make a smooth transition between bar leadership, and how to work with your senior bar. We will also host a roundtable discussion with young lawyer leaders from across the country. The topic of the roundtable discussion will be “The Generation Gap: Does It Exist and If So, How Does It Effect Young Bar Organizations.” We hope to continue our discussion of the Generation Gap and the effects it has on you and your membership through roundtable discussions throughout the year.
The Affiliate Assistance Team maintains resources that you may find helpful on the affiliates page of the ABA YLD website. You can find these resources at . On the website you will find the ABA YLD Leadership Handbook, which contains information to assist you throughout your bar year. Additional resources will be posted throughout the year, so check the website often for updates and new resources.
One of the goals of the Affiliate Assistance Team for this upcoming year is to provide young leaders’ access to other young leaders and information regarding successful programs and initiatives from other YLD affiliates. To further that goal, we hope to post links to other young lawyer affiliates and their programs on the ABA YLD Affiliate webpage.
In furtherance of our goal to connect young lawyer leaders, we are looking to invite affiliate leaders to each ABA YLD conference this year to highlight their affiliates successful programs, projects, and publications. If your affiliate currently implements a successful domestic violence or mentoring program, please contact the Affiliate Assistance Team to discuss your program. We may be interested in highlighting your project at one of our four conferences this year.
We would love to meet with you to discuss your affiliate and its unique strengths and challenges. If you are planning to attend a conference and would like to meet with a member of the Team, notify us prior to the conference or at the conference, and we will arrange a meeting. We will schedule a one-on-one meeting to answer your questions and direct you to helpful resources. We can also help you make connections with other young bar leaders and discuss their successful programs and projects.
We can also help you plan and implement successful local conferences and connect you with other young lawyer leaders who may be interested in participating. Please contact the Affiliates Assistance Team by visiting .