Tell Us What You "Really" Want!
By Melissa Dewey Brumback
Melissa Dewey Brumback is an associate editor of The Affiliate and practices with the Raleigh, North Carolina, firm of Ragsdale Liggett PLLC.

You are holding in your hands a copy of the first issue of this year’s The Affiliate. Ever heard of us? If not, read on . . . .
What Is The Affiliate and Why Are You Receiving It?
The Affiliate is the American Bar Association Young Lawyers Division newsletter written by young lawyers for young lawyers. The newsletter is published six times a year and is sent to young lawyers who are leaders in their local, regional, state, or national young lawyer divisions and sections. Remember to visit to update the contact information for the leaders of your young bar organization so the newsletter continues to fall into the right hands.
The main goal of The Affiliate is to provide practical and timely information about programs and services that affiliates can immediately implement in their local or regional young lawyers organizations, such as articles on programming, fundraising, and membership recruitment.
Each issue of The Affiliate includes
• profiles of sucessful programs held by state or local young lawyers organizations that can inspire other local young lawyers organizations and lay the groundwork for some great nationwide programs;
• “Around the Country,” where we publicize local and state YLD activities, events, accomplishments, and news, to serve as a springboard for other groups looking for new ideas (for example, why re-invent the entire moot court competition, when affiliates can borrow ideas from Iowa’s decades-long, successful competition, which is conveniently profiled in this edition of the newsletter?); and
• useful advice on how to implement membership and diversity programs in your young lawyers organization.
The Affiliate also strives to bring you the information you need to make the most of upcoming ABA YLD meetings and conferences. The quarterly YLD events provide a wealth of networking and learning opportunities and through The Affiliate, you will get advance notification of what is going on and when, as well as a description of other opportunities you can take advantage of during your experience. We will also help you to learn the best way to obtain funding for your organization’s members as well as the best way to conserve funds while attending the events.
We Need Your Help!
Now that you know who we are and what we do, we need your help! The editorial team of The Affiliate wants to hear from each one of you and your members about the types of articles you would like to see fill these pages. We want to write articles that are most helpful to you, that inspire your organization, and that give you information you need. We do not want to end up in your circular file or under your bird cage!
The Affiliate.