YLD Supports International Young Lawyer Associations
By Christina Plum
Christina Plum is an ABA YLD Representa-tive to the ABA House of Delegates and practices with the Stenzel Law Office in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
Over the past year, the ABA YLD has had several unique opportunities to interact with and support international young lawyer associations, thereby allowing the YLD to offer its experience and assistance to young lawyers worldwide.
First, the YLD was asked to partner with the International Association of Young Lawyers (AIJA) and the International Bar Association (IBA) Young Lawyers’ Committee to create a written guide for young lawyer associations (“Guide”). The seventeen-page Guide offers advice to those young lawyers who want to start or reinvigorate their young lawyer associations. It includes suggestions from the 2004 ABA YLD Leadership Academy Handbook, as well as a checklist that was created specifically for the Guide. Once approved by the ABA YLD, AIJA, and the IBA, the Guide will be available for use whenever young lawyer associations seek assistance and advice on related topics.
Next, YLD officers, directors, coordinators, and publications editors held their August planning meeting in conjunction with AIJA’s “Annual Congress” in Toronto. The YLD’s leaders attended AIJA’s meeting at which the Guide was approved and spent an afternoon with several hundred attendees from around the world. “With AIJA meeting so close to home, we were thrilled to have an opportunity to meet with so many of its leaders to talk about the challenges facing young lawyer associations globally,” said YLD Chair Justin Goldstein.
Finally, several YLD leaders were invited to participate in “International Weekend” in London in late September, hosted by the European Young Bar Association (EYBA). The weekend’s highlights included a full day of bar leadership training, at which former YLD Chairs Jay Ray and Christina Plum addressed topics including motivating young lawyer volunteers, running effective meetings, long-range planning, and chairing young lawyer associations.