The A to Z Roadmap to Becoming an Assembly Delegate
By Chauntis T. Jenkins

Chauntis T. Jenkins is the current YLD Assembly Clerk for the 2007–2008 year and a partner at Porteous, Hainkel & Johnson in New Orleans, Louisiana.
Recently chosen as an assembly delegate and you don’t know what to do next? Do you want to be a delegate for your sate, but you are unsure about what to do or who you need to contact? If any of these questions have crossed your mind, the following will be a helpful guide to becoming a delegate at the 2008 Midyear and Annual Meetings:
  • What rules govern the certification process? Rule 1 of ABA YLD Assembly Standing Rules. See

  • How can I become a delegate? Easy—submit your name to your local affiliate leader and/or state chair for selection. The state chair will forward the official list of state delegates and apportion the number of delegates pursuant to the ABA YLD Bylaws.

  • Who is eligible to be a delegate? All delegates/alternates: (1) must have their principal office in the state of which they are a delegate; (2) must be members of the affiliate they are representing as a delegate; (3) must be members of the ABA YLD and list their ABA ID# on the form. Please note, delegates may apply for ABA membership at the time they request certification. They should provide a copy of their application and proof of payment with the certification materials; and (4) delegates must be registered for the Annual Meeting.

  • Who can be an alternate? The Assembly Clerk may certify an alternate as a delegate if your affiliate is entitled to more delegates than have been certified at the meeting, and either (1) the affiliate’s chair instructs the Clerk to certify the alternate as a delegate; or (2) the published deadline for certification has passed or is imminent, and the Clerk (a) declares that any alternate present may be certified in preference over any delegate who has been designated but not yet certified, and (b) so certifies each available alternate.

  • What does certification mean? The certification of your credentials to be a delegate at the Midyear or Annual Meeting gives you the exclusive right to vote in the Assembly.

  • When does certification take place? According to the Assembly Standing Rules, the Assembly Clerk musthold one or more sessions totaling at least six (6) hours. Notice of the scheduled sessions will be provided. The sessions are usually held on Thursday afternoon and Friday morning before the Assembly meets.

  • Should I be on the list of delegates submitted prior to the meeting? Yes. The deadline for our next meeting is December 17. Refer to Rule 1 of ABA YLD Assembly Standing Rules section 1.3(c)(4) for limited exceptions. The rule is available at

  • Do I have to be pre-registered for the Midyear or Annual Meeting to be a delegate? Yes.

  • Once I arrive at the meeting, what do I do next? Go to the official ABA registration area to obtain your ABA name badge. Your badge is notavailable at the YLD registration desk. In order to be certified and receive a delegate ribbon from the Assembly Clerk and/or the Credentials Committee, you must present either your ABA name badge or a copy of your pre-registration statement at the certification table. In order to vote in the Assembly, you must have an ABA name badge and an ABA YLD delegate ribbon.
Your role as an Assembly delegate is an important one because your presence represents the strength and influence of the YLD. I look forward to making your time in the Assembly a noteworthy experience at the upcoming 2008 Midyear and Annual Meetings.