On the Road with Justin Goldstein
Justin Goldstein is Chair of the ABA YLD and practices with National City Bank in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
After taking over as ABA YLD Chair at the Annual Meeting in San Francisco in August, I was immediately off and running (literally). My first stop was the Annual Meeting of AIJA (International Association of Young Lawyers) in Toronto, where the ABA YLD’s Officers and Directors joined with AIJA members to partake in the creation of guidelines for establishing young lawyer organizations.
Next, I traveled to Montreal to participate in the opening of the legal year with our friends from the Young Bar Association of Montreal and from around the world. From Montreal, I went to Chicago for the ABA Section Officers Conference, where I met with officers from some of the other ABA entities. While in Chicago, I stopped by the Chicago Bar Association Young Lawyers Section and Chicago Bar Foundation “Casino Royale” fundraiser. Thanks to Bill Oberts, Michael Bergmann, and Carolyn Amadon for their hospitality.
My next stop was Arizona to participate in a “Wills for Heroes” day and shoot an instructional video for the implementation of “Wills for Heroes.” Of course I couldn’t leave Arizona without entering the Maricopa County Bar Young Lawyers “Race Judicata” event, where I won first place in my category. (It helped being the only entrant in that bracket!). Thanks to Heather Anson, LaShawn Jenkins, Jeff Jacobson, and Allen Kimborough, for making me feel so welcome. After a quick detour to Los Angeles for a site visit with Kendyl Hanks (thanks to Jennifer Fisher and Seth Levy), it was off to London for “International Weekend” held in conjunction with the opening of the legal year.
From London, I traveled back across the Atlantic to Charlotte, North Carolina, for our ABA YLD Fall Conference. I’m excited to report that the Young Bar Leader Summit was a huge success, and I am looking forward to the white paper and online toolkit produced from our work. Make sure you look for this information and that you are familiar with the story of the California Young Lawyers Association. I know that the year’s other summits will be just as successful—the Young Lawyer Summit (Midyear Meeting, Los Angeles, California, February 7–9, 2008), and the Diversity Summit (Spring Conference, Washington, D.C., April 16–19, 2008).
After Charlotte, I visited with the Birmingham Bar Association Young Lawyers Section and the chair and chair-elect of the Alabama State Bar Young Lawyers Section. Thanks to Michael Vercher, Andy Buck, Lynlee Palmer, Janine Smith, George Parker, Jimbo Terrell, Latanishia Watters, Clark Cooper, Erin May, and everyone else in Alabama for their generosity. The next day, I stopped to see the Vulcan and Civil Rights Museums in Birmingham, and then it was off to Nashville for the Georgia State Bar Young Lawyers Division meeting (think Georgia vs. Vanderbilt). Thanks to Elena Kaplan, Josh Bell, Diedra Sanderson, Joe Dent, and all of the Georgia Young Lawyers for allowing me to take part and for showing me a great time (Go Dawgs!). Also, thanks to past YLD Chair, Jonathan Cole, for joining us for part of the meeting. Finally, I headed to Albany, New York, to the New York State Bar Association Young Lawyers Section Fall Meeting. Thanks to Valerie Cartwright, Sherry Levin Wallach, and everyone else for allowing me to join the meeting at the last minute.
I appreciate hearing what is going on around the country and bringing the ABA YLD to your young lawyer affiliates. I have plans to continue my journey to Texas, Washington State, Utah, Florida, and anywhere else you would like to invite me. Thank you for your gracious invitations and please continue to let me know about your upcoming meetings at justin.goldstein@nationalcity.com.
Thanks again for welcoming me into your young lawyer organizations, and I’ll see you on the road.