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The Affiliate, Volume 35, Number 5, May/June 2010, ABA YLD Spring Conference: Connect, Collaborate, and Learn with International Affiliate Members

Ernestina R. Cruz is a shareholder at the Narvaez Law Firm, P.A., in Albuquerque, New Mexico, an ABA/YLD Scholar, and an Assistant Editor of The Affiliate.




ABA YLD Spring Conference:
Connect, Collaborate, and Learn with International Affiliate Members

By Ernestina R. Cruz

Some of you may not know this, but the ABA YLD Spring Conference is typically well attended by our colleagues from international affiliates. This year’s Spring Conference, which will take place in St. Thomas, United States Virgin Islands, from May 13–15, 2010, is sure to be a great venue for networking with attorneys from international jurisdictions. In advance of this year’s ABA YLD Spring Conference, the three ABA YLD international affiliates are highlighted.

European Young Bar Association
Founded in May 1993, the European Young Bar Association (EYBA) is the world’s largest young lawyer group with well over 200,000 young lawyer members from across Europe. Much like the ABA YLD, the EYBA has various objectives that include organizing conferences and networking events for its membership. The EYBA also holds an Annual General Meeting at which the Executive Committee and President of the Association are elected to serve one-year terms. In June 2009, the EYBA elected Gabriella Geatti of the Rome Young Bar Conference as the current EYBA President. Geatti is a tax lawyer at Chiomenti Studio Legale in Rome, Italy.

This spring the EYBA is hosting a conference of its own in Lisbon, Portugal, where the program will focus in large part on the latest developments in European Union law, including coverage of the Lisbon Treaty. As a truly international association, the EYBA also interacts with young lawyer groups from Australia, Canada, and the United States.

In February 2010, the EYBA launched a new website. If you are interested in learning more about the Association, please visit .

Junior Bar Association of Québec
The Junior Bar Association of Québec, also known as the Jeune Barreau de Québec, was founded in 1914 and was incorporated as a nonprofit in 1934. The organization represents over 1,000 members who have been in practice for no more than ten years. Its Board of Directors are elected annually and are comprised of a chairperson, first vice-president, treasurer, secretary, assistant secretary, past president, and six counselors. Two members of the board, typically the president and vice-president, also sit on the Council of the Bar of Québec. The current president is Sébastien Jobin-Vermette.

The Junior Bar Association of Québec, like other sister young lawyer associations, hosts training and networking programs for its membership. Since 1977, the Junior Bar has published its newsletter, Proforma, which is disseminated to its membership five times a year. The Junior Bar also annually recognizes a young lawyer who has made exceptional contributions to the Junior Bar with its Price LP Pigeon award. The award is presented during the official ceremony of the return of the Bar of Québec in September of each year. It also collaborates with other young lawyer associations in France and the United States, including the ABA YLD.

If you are interested in learning more about the Junior Bar of Québec, please visit .

The Young Bar Association of Montreal (YBAM)
The Young Bar Association of Montréal, also known as the Association Du Jeune de Montréal, was founded over 110 years ago and represents more than 4,200 young lawyers. The activities undertaken by the YBAM are diverse. With reference to member services, the YBAM organizes training and networking opportunities. Aside from organizing networking events with fellow attorneys, the YBAM also organizes events at which its members can interact with young professionals from nonlegal backgrounds. The YBAM also has a Cultural Activities Committee that provides for a setting within which to celebrate Montréal’s rich cultural background. The YBAM also dedicates a substantial amount of time to pro bono legal services. It offers Montréalers various free legal services.

In addition, YBAM publishes its newsletter, L’Extrajudiciaire, six times a year. The publication is forwarded to YBAM members, former presidents, and members of the judiciary.
YBAM is governed by a Board of Directors of fifteen attorneys. Antoine Aylwin serves as the current president of the association. More information regarding YBAM can be found at .

International Programming at the Spring Conference
The ABA YLD looks forward to having members of its international affiliates join their American counterparts in St. Thomas in May 2010. At the Spring Conference, an hour-long program will focus on the “Do’s and Don’ts of International Networking.” In addition to tips regarding networking, the Spring Conference will showcase an international transactions CLE, which is presented in connection with the ongoing Anatomy of Business Law series.


The upcoming ABA YLD Spring Conference at the Wyndham Sugar Bay Resort and Spa in St. Thomas, USVI will include a special Affiliate Showcase. The Affiliate Showcase is a compilation of successful projects from state and local young lawyer organizations affiliated with the ABA YLD, including international affiliates. This session will also provide an opportunity for young lawyers to interact with colleagues, learn about other successful public and member service initiatives, and take away the tools to create one—or more—of these fantastic projects in their local bar and community.

If you are attending the conference be sure to swing by the Affiliate Showcase on Saturday, May 15, 2010, from 9:15–11:30 a.m. For more information visit .