Clerk's Comments: Delegates Shine in YLD Midyear Assembly
By Chauntis T. Jenkins
Chauntis T. Jenkins is the current YLD Assembly Clerk for the 2007–2008 year. She is a partner at Porteous, Hainkel & Johnson in New Orleans, Louisiana. Please share any comments or concerns with her at
The ABA Midyear Meeting not only offered a peek at Grammy nominees but also included stellar performance by ABA YLD Assembly delegates:
• the credentials team certified 180 delegates;
• forty states were represented in the Assembly;
• delegates included representatives from the ABA Law Student Division, the National Bar Association, the National Lesbian and Gay Law Association, and the Federal and Military Bar;
• at least 90 percent of delegate nominations were submitted before the Midyear Meeting;
• we received positive feedback regarding the November 2007 and February 2008 delegate conference calls held before the Midyear Assembly; and
• over forty
affiliate representatives participated in the Assembly’s telephone conferences.
As the ABA Annual Meeting in August 2008 approaches, please mark the following dates on your calendar:
June 11, 2008: First “Make Your Voice Heard” teleconference call to discuss submission of affiliate delegate information to ABA YLD and Assembly for Annual Meeting.
June 20, 2008: Local affiliates must submit delegate nominations to their state chairs.
June 27, 2008: State affiliate chairs must submit delegate names to the ABA YLD.
July 30, 2008: Second “ABA YLD Assembly Preview” teleconference call with affiliates to discuss Assembly resolutions and certification process at Annual Meeting.