On the Road with Justin Goldstein: State of the Division
By Justin Goldstein
Justin Goldstein is Chair of the ABA YLD and practices with National City Bank in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
The Midyear Meeting marks the halfway point of the ABA YLD bar year. I thought I would give a “State of the Division” report to let you know how things are progressing and the plans for the last half of this bar year.
Wills for Heroes
The demand for the “Wills for Heroes” program continues to be outstanding. We are currently working on implementing the program in Massachusetts, Missouri, Montana, Louisiana, New York, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Connecticut, Utah, Michigan, Kansas, and New Jersey. If your affiliate or state is interested in the program, check out the resources available at www.abanet.org/yld/wills/home.html, or contact our Public Service Project Coordinator, Dan McKenna, at mckennad@ballardspahr.com for more information.
We had a record-setting event in Charlotte, North Carolina, at our Fall Conference where over 200 police officers and their spouses participated in the program. At the Midyear Meeting in Beverly Hills, Mayor Jimmy Delshad proclaimed the day of our onsite program “Wills for Heroes Day.” We are looking forward to onsite implementation programs in or near Washington, D.C., and in New York City at our remaining meetings.
101/201 Practice Series
We compiled a number of the ABA 101 Practice Series articles into a book that is now available from the ABA Web Store. These concise articles touch on a broad array of topics relevant to young lawyers or lawyers new to a practice area. The book will become a staple of the ABA’s New Bar Admittee “welcome stream,” showing our recent recruits the value that the ABA YLD provides. In addition, our YLD committees will continue to produce this members-only content for viewing on the ABA website. Please visit www.abanet.org/yld/101 to view the available articles.
Federal Emergency Management Agency Agreement
As you many know, one of the most important services the ABA YLD provides to the country is its network of District Representatives, which oversees the implementation of disaster legal services hotlines. When the President declares a federal disaster, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) determines whether these hotlines will serve as a resource to those in need of legal advice to assist them with the issues they face during difficult times. The ABA YLD has been proud to serve in this role since 1978.
Recently, the ABA YLD signed a revised agreement with FEMA to allow for expanded representation and referral of individuals to the hotlines. The revised agreement was the result of a lawsuit filed against the agency and now allows volunteer attorneys to deal with issues adverse to FEMA. Special thanks to our Disaster Legal Services Coordinator, Craig Cannon, for his time and dedication to this important issue.
Year of the Summits
With one Summit remaining, I am happy to report that the “Year of the Summit” has been a wonderful success. We are still compiling all of the information from our Young Bar Leader Summit held at the Fall Conference and our Young Lawyer Summit held at the Midyear Meeting. You can check out what is available and join the continuing conversation at www.abanet.org/yld/summits. The summit concept is simple—for the ABA YLD to be the true national voice of young lawyers, we need to facilitate the appropriate conversations with our national participants to identify trends, define issues, and develop solutions. If you were unable to join us in person, you can still participate via the web at the above address. Please help us shape the future of your legal profession.
Also, I hope that you can join us for our Diversity Summit, which will be held in conjunction with our Spring Conference in Washington, D.C., April 16–19, 2008.
Spring Conference
Our Spring Conference is an incredible opportunity to take advantage of all that the American Bar Association can offer you and your practice. The meeting is not only a YLD conference but this year, it is also a joint meeting with the Section of Litigation and will be held in conjunction with ABA Day (where we lobby Congress on issues important to our profession). Please go to www.abanet.org/yld/spring08 to find out more and to register.
Website/Publication Improvements
Please check out the Division’s constantly improving website and publications. We are always trying to provide you with relevant, easy-to-find information. You will notice redesigned webpages, leadership videos, and event calendars, as well as timely articles in our publications. We always welcome feedback from our members/constituents, so please let me or our editors know what you think.
Affiliate Outreach
I took a short break from traveling to our affiliates so I am now well-rested and ready to join you again for your meetings. So far I have been to New York, Illinois, Florida, Texas, Georgia, Nevada, Utah, California, Washington, D.C., North Carolina, Arizona, Pennsylvania, and Alabama. I have a few outstanding invitations that I am scheduling and would love to join you for one of your events. Please drop me an email at justin.goldstein@nationalcity.com, and let me know when you are meeting.