Stars of the Quarter
At the Spring Conference in Montréal ABA YLD Chair Jay Ray recognized the contributions of the following individuals with “Stars of the Quarter”:
C. Erica White —For her significant efforts to update, redraft, and improve the YLD’s Diversity Plan, which was approved by the Council at the Spring Conference.
Julia Bahner —For her outstanding service as the district representative for Washington and Oregon and for her service as assistant editor on The Affiliate Newsletter Team.
Jennifer Hilsabeck —For her amazing leadership as chair of the Nevada Bar Association Young Lawyers Section in developing and hosting the Rocky Mountain Regional Conference in Las Vegas and for her service on the Affiliate Assistance Team.
Chauntis Jenkins and Michael Vercher —For their tireless work as committee directors in motivating and assisting the YLD’s committee chairs.
Matthew Butler —For his leadership of the YLD’s General Practice, Solo and Small Firm Committee and for the committee’s success in developing 101 Practice Series articles.
Gloria Bruzzano —For her leadership of the YLD’s Children and the Law Committee, including the development of a conference program to assist attorneys in representing child clients and working with child witnesses.
Kemba Eneas —For her leadership of the YLD’s International Law Committee, the development of international programs for the Spring Conference, and her service as a district representative for Delaware and the District of Columbia.
Diane Standaert —For her service as the liaison to the Forum Committee on Affordable Housing and for her development of successful teleconferences relating to affordable housing.
Tracy Kaempf , the ABA YLD program and committee manager—For her dedication to the YLD, for her substantial work in coordinating seven rooms of programming at the Spring Conference (four more than a normal conference), and for coordinating programming with the Young Bar Association of Montréal.