On the Road with Justin Goldstein
By Justin Goldstein
Justin Goldstein is Chair of the ABA YLD and practices with The Halpern Group in Springfield, New Jersey .
The weather is getting warm and that means summer is here. This is the time when many young bar leader positions turn over. So, congratulations to all the new chairs, chair-elects, and council members. To take advantage of all the ABA YLD has to offer, don’t forget to update your affiliate leaders’ contact information at www.abanet.org/yld/affiliateleaders/update.html . Please make sure you use the resources that the ABA YLD provides to help make your year a success. To all outgoing chairs, I applaud your efforts, appreciate your support, and wish you all the best in your future endeavors.
I recently had the privilege of attending the Michigan State Young Lawyers Summit. This meeting was the first of its kind to attempt to get all Michigan young lawyers to a central location for education, affiliate, and networking programs. Special thanks to Bob Fergan, Carlos Escurel, Tim Gardner, Jr., Maureen M. McGinnis, Danielle Mason Anderson, and Jaime Low for their hospitality.
Next, it was off to Belgrade, Serbia, for the Annual General Meeting of the European Young Bar Association (EYBA). The Serbian young lawyers were wonderful hosts, and it was incredible to hear about their struggle to form a new government. The ABA Rule of Law Initiative and program in Europe and Eurasia (known as CEELI) is providing important support to train judges and government officials in Serbia. It was a privilege to be the only American young lawyer in attendance at their Annual Meeting, and I greatly appreciate the warm welcome from all of EYBA’s officers ( www.eyba.org ). It was particularly amazing to hear the perspectives of young lawyers from around the world, including the requirements necessary to become a foreign lawyer and their different events and programs.
On my return from Serbia, I spent one night in Paris where I was given a tour of the Palais de Justice by one of the Secretaries de la Conference du Stage du Barreau de Paris. La Conference is a 200-year-old tradition in which twelve young lawyers are selected through a speech competition to perform pro bono representation for the most serious criminal cases. For more information about this unique experience, go to www.laconference.net (warning: it is in French).
Next, it was off to the Pennsylvania Bar Association Annual Meeting to participate in the passing of the gavel to incoming YLD Chair Ryan Blazure.