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The Affiliate, Volume 36, Number 3, January/February 2011, New Lawyer Bootcamp Series: Basic Training for Lawyers

Kara J. Johnson is an Assistant Editor of The Affiliate and an associate with Zuger Kirmis & Smith in Bismarck, North Dakota.





New Lawyer Bootcamp Series: Basic Training for Lawyers

By Kara J. Johnson

On Friday, February 11, 2011, during the ABA Midyear Meeting in Atlanta, Georgia, the ABA YLD Membership Board will kick off its “New Lawyer Bootcamp” with a live session called “Honoring the Veterans: Advice from the Bench on Courtroom Pet Peeves.” The Bootcamp will be a series of six programs, including five podcasts for new lawyers and law students who are looking to jumpstart their careers, that will address various aspects of practicing law. The series will provide tips and tricks from young lawyers regarding how they found success in their careers.

Live Session in Atlanta
At the first Bootcamp session, new lawyers will receive “Advice from the Bench.” The panel headed by Ellen Rosenblum, a Judge on the Oregon Court of Appeals, will include two state court judges, a federal judge, and a law clerk who will give advice about issues new lawyers frequently experience in court. The presentation will include administrative pointers and warnings about common courtroom blunders.

The New Lawyer Bootcamp series will continue with five additional teleconference panel discussions, which will be posted as webinars on the ABA YLD website.

Webinar Series
The second session in the series will feature panelists from a variety of legal backgrounds who will talk about their careers and the paths they took to get to where they are today. The panelists will provide practical advice regarding how to accomplish career goals, including options to practice law in nontraditional settings.

The Bootcamp will continue with a third session that will cover making the most of your first legal job. This webinar will focus on issues new attorneys encounter from their first days on the job through the first few years of practice. Pointers will be given on a variety of issues, including coworker interaction, balancing your workload, meeting billable hour expectations, interacting with staff, and managing a work/life balance.

Session number four will delve into the issues associated with building a solo practice. Panelists will address practical considerations and will provide advice to young attorneys who are considering establishing a solo practice or a small firm. The session also will discuss the resources available to attorneys looking to start their new firm, with an emphasis on the resources available through the ABA and the ABA YLD.

The fifth session will focus on how to establish a reputation in the legal community. Panelists will discuss the importance of networking and getting involved in both the legal community and the community at large.

The New Lawyer Bootcamp will conclude with a session addressing the secrets of becoming a superstar associate. Panelists will discuss establishing successful footings in firm practice with the aim of achieving partner status. Current and former associates will give practice tips and pointers for young attorneys to make their mark in various types and sizes of law firms and legal departments.

Stay Alert to New Sessions via Facebook and Twitter
After the Midyear Meeting, the New Lawyer Bootcamp sessions will be posted on the ABA YLD website, , approximately every six weeks. A notification will be sent out over the ABA YLD Facebook page and Twitter when each of new session is posted. To receive these notifications, “like” the ABA YLD page on Facebook, , or follow the ABA YLD on Twitter, .

Each session in the New Lawyer Bootcamp series is anticipated to last approximately one hour. For completion of the New Lawyer Bootcamp, participants will be awarded a certificate acknowledging their completion of all six program sessions in the series.

For more information about the New Lawyer Bootcamp, check out the ABA YLD website at or contact Keri-Ann Baker at or Rachel Kopp at .