On the Road with Justin Goldstein
Justin Goldstein is Chair of the ABA YLD and practices with National City Bank in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
A lot has happened since my last column—in-person visits with young lawyers in New York, Virginia, Washington, D.C., Texas, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Washington, Florida, Illinois, and Utah; attendance at additional affiliate meetings; and participation in all of the great programs young lawyers are putting on around the country.
I kicked off my latest adventure with a quick trip to New York City to help finalize event sites for the ABA YLD’s Annual Meeting in August 2008. Next, I was off to Williamsburg, Virginia, where I joined the American Bar Endowment Board to show the YLD’s appreciation for its support and to deliver a Division update. Then, I took a trip to Washington, D.C., to participate in the National Association of Women Lawyers Summit. After that, my family and I were off to Texas ( Galveston and Sugarland) to visit NASA and the Texas Young Lawyers board meeting. Thank you to Bill Miller, Mary Reveles, Sylvia Cardona, Kelly-Ann Clarke, and everyone else in Texas for making us feel so welcome. Texas continues to create amazing programs and this year is no different. See what is going on at www.tyla.org. My next visit was Las Vegas for the National Asian Pacific American Bar Association Annual Meeting. I had a great time (who can’t in Vegas?), met some wonderful young lawyers, and was very impressed with the conference attendance, programming, and sponsorship. Thanks to Eileen Sullivan, Benes Aldana, Joseph Manalili, and Ducie Le for their gracious hospitality.
Then, I took some time off to spend Thanksgiving with my family; I hope you had an opportunity to do the same. After the turkey, I was off to fulfill some of my duties with the Pennsylvania Young Lawyers (who recently raised the age of young lawyers to 38) and then joined the Washington State Young Lawyer Board of Trustees for its public service project aimed at Bellingham high school students interested in a legal career. Even though it snowed (it rarely snows in Bellingham), the volunteers came out in force. I also met a former YLD District Repre-sentative who is now a judge in Northern Washington. Thanks to Mark O’Halloran, John Brangwin, Noah Davis, Jaime Hawk, Mike Pelliciotti, Elizabeth Li, Rachelle Anderson, the rest of the young lawyers, and Paula Littlewood, Exec-utive Director of the Washington State Bar Association, for their hospitality and for allowing me to participate in and enjoy the project and meeting. One of the continuing discussions among young lawyers in Washington is whether to remove the word “young” from their organization’s name.
Next, we packed the family up to join Florida young lawyers for their meeting at Captiva Island. Thank you to Scott and Janet Atwood, Jewel White Cole, Mustafa Mahdi, Woody and Heather Rodriguez, C.J. Hubbard, and everyone else for including me and my family in the events and making us feel so welcome. After arriving home from Florida, it was immediately off to Chicago to join the Chicago YLS to see the Christmas Spirits perform “Young, Frank & Stein.” Thanks to our own Jill McCall, Bill Oberts, Mike Bergmann, and the rest of the young lawyers who joined me for a wonderful evening. The next day, it was on to an early flight to meet the Utah young lawyers for lunch and an opportunity to congratulate the first ABA YLD National Outstanding Young Lawyer Award winner, Sean Reyes. Congratulations to Sean (we’ll present the award formally to Sean at the ABA Midyear Meeting in Los Angeles in February) and to all of the Award applicants. It was great to see our friends from Utah, and I really appreciate their hospitality for my trip out west. Thank you Stephanie Pugsley, Michelle Allred, Julie Ladle, Karthik Nadesan, Craig Hall, Sean Reyes, and Deb Griffiths-Handley.
Throughout my journeys, I continue to spread the word about the Young Lawyer Summit being held on Friday, February 8, 2008, at the Midyear Meeting in Los Angeles and the Diversity Summit that will be held on April 19, 2008, at the Spring Conference in Washington, D.C. Please make plans to join us and help shape the future of your legal profession.
As I continue my travels, I am constantly reminded of the good fortune we have to be part of this wonderful profession and the responsibility that our position in society requires of us. I know that I am thankful for all that I have and for the opportunity to serve you, our profession, and our community. None of this would be possible without the support of my wife Maribel, children Ruby and Jennifer, and my employer National City Bank. Thank you to all of these states for the continued hospitality, and I’ll see you on the road!
If you would like me to join you at one of your young lawyer meetings, please let me know your meeting schedule. You can reach me at justin.goldstein@nationalcity.com.