Family Advocate Fall 2018: Vol. 41, No. 2

    Family Advocate Fall 2018: Vol. 41, No. 2

    Family Advocate Fall 2018: Vol. 41, No. 2

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    Identifying and Valuing Nontraditional Benefits in a Divorce
    By Brant M. Webb & Pam Faris

    Valuing traditional assets is hard enough. Here's how to identify the nontraditional ones, decide which are subject to division, and assign a value to those that are.

    Beyond Salary and Bonus: The Where, What, and How of Complex Executive Compensation from a Divorce Perspective
    By Sandra R. Klevan

    Your client's case looks simple. Both spouses are W-2 wage earners. But look further—they might also participate in complex executive compensation plans.

    Performance Awards through Employee Stock Compensation Plans: Tax and Divorce Issues
    By Donna Pironti & Mitchell Benson

    Stock plans and stock ownership can be very complicated. In family law proceedings, you'll need plan documents, grant schedules, and an appreciation for tax consequences.

    Perquisites: Discovery, Taxation Issues, and Problems
    By Barry S. Sziklay

    To help you navigate the world of perks, here's a list of documents needed during discovery and analyses of I.R.C. § 83, corporate insider-trading blackout periods, stock-option tax treatments, and related issues.

    Severance Benefits: An Overview for Family Law Practitioners
    By Gregory K. Brown

    Employment benefits can be extended to individuals who are no longer working. Severance benefits fall into this category. Assessing their value correctly can be key to calculating the value of a marital estate.

    Retirement as Deferred Compensation: What the Divorce Lawyer Needs to Know Regarding Qualified and Nonqualified Plans
    By Joseph DiPiazza

    IRAs and 401(k)s may be only part of the retirement savings picture for high-income earners. Watch for other forms of retirement plans and pay close attention to the differences between qualified and nonqualified plans.

    How Financial Tracking Documents Can Help Find Hidden Perks
    By Jeffrey W. Brend & Jennifer M. Fletchall

    When a party hides assets or income, financial tracking documents can lead you to their hiding places. Just beware the Federal Wiretap Act and Federal Stored Communications Act.

    In the Money or Under Water? Capturing the Value of Incentive Compensation in Divorce
    By Brian C. Vertz

    Do you have a crystal ball? If not, how do you assign a value to future compensation that may have no readily apparent value today? Several standard valuation methods can make your predictions more reliable.

    Perks: Flying Under the Radar in the Smaller Business
    By Kenneth G. Raggio

    Many of our cases involve smaller businesses with benefits hidden from view. To find them, scrutinize tax returns for income or book value "adjustments" and other perks buried way down in the details.

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