Family Advocate Summer 2017: Vol. 40, No.1

    Family Advocate Summer 2017: Vol. 40, No.1

    Family Advocate Summer 2017: Vol. 40, No.1

    This client issue of Family Advocate focuses on talking with kids about the divorce

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    In this Issue 

    ·         Most People Really Do Need a Lawyer: What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You!, by Marianne Rebel Brown

    ·         Things to Consider Before Hiring a Divorce Lawyer—From a Retired Family Court Judge, By Hon. David L. Stowe (Ret.)

    ·         Truth or Consequences: Why Honesty Is the Best Policy When Dealing with Your Lawyer, by Katie McClaflin

    o   The Consultation: How to Prepare in Advance

    ·         Everybody’s Talkin’: A Primer on Communicating Effectively with Your Attorney, by Steven K. Yoda

    ·         Other Professionals: Why, When, and Who, by Gary Allen Gardner

    ·         Formulating a Winning Strategy While Simply Surviving or Surviving Simply, by Michele Kane Cummings

    ·         Proper Boundaries Between Attorney & Client, by Daniel L. Bray

    o   Do You Have a Real Emergency?

    ·         When There Are Problems with Your Lawyer, by Lynda C. Shely

    ·         At the End of Your Case: How to Save Time, Money, and Future Litigation, by Lee S. Ashmore

    o   Close Accounts and Change Passwords, Credit Cards, Wills, and Utility Bills

    o   To Help Your Children, Be Kind to Their Parent

    ·         In the Course of Any Fertility Treatment: Consult Your ART Attorney, by Meryl B. Rosenberg

    o   When You Work with a Donor or Surrogate, Working with a Lawyer Is Especially Important

    ·         If You Decide to Go It Alone: A Guide for Working with Your Spouse’s Lawyer, by Forrest S. “Woody” Mosten 

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