The Air & Space Lawyer

    The Air & Space Lawyer

    The Air & Space Lawyer

    • ISBN: 0747-7449
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    The Air and Space Lawyer is a newsletter that informs its members of the significant developments in air and space law and keeps them apprised of the activities of the Forum. The Forum on Air and Space Law is the largest organization devoted to the legal aspects of aeronautics in the United States and Abroad. Its nearly 2,000 members are drawn from all segments of the aeronautics, including:
    • Airlines
    • Aircraft manufacturers
    • Airports
    • General aviation
    • The Federal Aviation Administration
    • Department of Transportation
    • The National Aeronautics and Space
    • Administration
    • Attorneys practicing in the commercial and regulatory areas
    8½ x 11 24 pages/issue Circulation: 2,000 Contents of current and previous issues Subscriptions and back issues Writers guidelines Advertise with us Editors John Palmer, Staff Editor David Heffernan, Editor-in-Chief

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