Insights on Law and Society: Crossing Borders (Vol.14-No.3)

    Insights on Law and Society: Crossing Borders (Vol.14-No.3)

    Insights on Law and Society: Crossing Borders (Vol.14-No.3)

    Insights on Law & Society: Crossing Borders

    Volume 14, no. 3, Spring 2014


    Insights on Law & Society is one-stop reading for teachers of law, civics, government, or social studies. Each issue takes on a topic, then provides articles written by experts in the field, as well as teaching ideas for incorporating the content into the classroom. Also in each issue, popular features such as Teaching Legal Docs, which examines a legal document as a primary source; Perspectives, which presents an issue from multiple views; and Profile, which offers a quick interview with a figure, provide additional instructional support.

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    Insights on Law & Society: Crossing Borders

    Volume 14, no. 3, Spring 2014


    This 32-page issue of Insights includes:


    Passports in American Culture and Law

    By Craig Robertson

    Today’s modern passport emerged during World War I as the “passport nuisance,” following a colorful history. Was it a letter of introduction, certificate of citizenship, or identification document? Craig Robertson traces its evolution.


    It’s Déjà Vu: The Right to Travel and Terrorist Watchlists

    By Jeffrey Kahn

    Following the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, the U.S. government implemented a variety of terrorist watchlists, including the No Fly List. How do these watchlists affect a right to travel? Are they repeating history?


    Who Is Responsible for U.S. Immigration Policy?

    By Jennifer Chacón

    Who controls the nation’s immigration laws? Although the question seems straightforward, the historical picture is mixed, and the text of the U.S. Constitution does not point clearly to the answer.


    Teaching Legal Docs: Taking a Closer Look at the U.S. Passport

    What information is contained in a U.S. passport, and why? This is an overview of the passport document and its components.


    Viewpoint: Globalization Blurs Borders

    Do we live in a borderless world? Hilary French explains why some might say “yes.”


    Law Review: Environmental Migration: Human Rights and Legal Issues

    Environmental factors have always had an impact on the movement of people, but how and why

    has this entered discussions of policy and international law?


    Profile: Kai Wiedenhöfer

    Photographer Kai Wiedenhöfer has photographed borders around the world and shares what certain types of borders tell us about one another.



    Learning Gateways: Do You Have a Right to Travel?

    The right to travel is expressed in many U.S. Supreme Court decisions as well as international laws. This lesson uses primary sources to explore some of those expressions and discusses this often articulated basic human right.


    Learning Gateways: The No Fly List

    This lesson uses a comic to discuss the No Fly List— what it is and how it affects people whose names are on the list. Then students learn about an actual federal case concerning the No Fly List and compare the messages in the comic with those from the U.S. government’s Terrorist Screening Center.




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