The Citizenship Flowchart Poster

    By Robert J McWhirter

    The Citizenship Flowchart Poster

    The Citizenship Flowchart Poster

    By Robert J McWhirter

    This product is a 4-color laminated wall poster that will help you determine citizenship on the spot. It's perfect for any area where citizenship may come into question and a quick, accurate determination is desired. It's an easy-to-understand flowchart that provides ultimate answer as to citizenship status by taking user through the complex and sometimes conflicting steps and questions linked to a century of legislation and regulation.

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    This laminated 4-color chart takes you through a process of determining citizenship through a series of yes or no questions. The result will ultimately make a determination of an individual's citizenship in the United States. Years of research have gone into the development of this flow chart, and it will make on-the-street determination of U.S. Citizenship faster and easier than ever.

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    1/4/2008 12:00:00 AM


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