2015 Fundamentals: Commercial Real Estate Leasing CD PRODUCT

    2015 Fundamentals: Commercial Real Estate Leasing CD PRODUCT
    CLE 90 min

    2015 Fundamentals: Commercial Real Estate Leasing CD PRODUCT

    The 2015 Fundamentals of Commercial Real Estate Program is a comprehensive introduction to commercial real estate law.  This series will focus on issues as they relate to commercial real estate purchase & sale agreements, leasing, financing, title insurance, and zoning & land use.  It will feature five 90-minute sessions of continuing legal education programming specifically designed for attorneys who are new to the field of real estate law. Attendees can register for the entire series or individual sessions. Our speakers are leading industry practitioners with in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience in real estate law.


    A panel of experts will discuss the problems and pitfalls most often encountered in commercial real estate leasing.


    Topics will include:

               Rent structures – gross, net, triple net; operating cost pass-throughs; percentage rent for retail leases;

               Term: making sure that rent and term start at the same time;

               Lender issues: subordination/non-disturbance agreements (why you do or don’t need them);

               Sublease/assignment: what issues really matter to each side; and

               Renewal options: does anyone really use those clauses for determining FMV (but why you still want to

    include them).

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