The False Claims Act: Developments in the Case Law

    The False Claims Act: Developments in the Case Law
    CLE 90 min

    The False Claims Act: Developments in the Case Law

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    • Recording date: Tuesday, March 10, 2015
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    In the past few years, as the result of an increasing amount of litigation, courts have been issuing a growing number of decisions interpreting the provisions of the False Claims Act ("FCA"). On some important issues involving the Act’s substantive liability provisions and procedural defenses, courts are diverging in their approaches, increasing the level of uncertainty for government contractors, making it more likely that some of these issues will be resolved by the Supreme Court.

    In this program, our esteemed panel will explore some of the recent trends in the case law, including:

    • When can contractors be held liable for “implied”or “express” false certifications? Do those distinctions matter? How do the courts factor in the issue of “materiality”?

    • To what extent does the FCA apply when contractors have made false statements concerning “conditions of participation” for a government program or contract?

    • How have courts applied the pleading requirements of Fed.R.Civ.P. 9(b)?

    • How are courts interpreting the “first-to-file” and “public disclosure” bars in qui tam cases?

    • Is the FCA statute of limitations tolled during time of war?

    • How have courts been interpreting the post-2009 “reverse false claim” provision?

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    Robert L Vogel


    David B Wiseman, David M Nadler, Kathleen Clark, Robert M Thomas Jr

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    3/10/2015 12:00:00 AM

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